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Sioux Falls SD needs a SB THIS WEEKEND

Started by hawkhavn, July 22, 2011, 12:07:37 AM

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Anybody in western Minnesota want to run a border raid over to Sioux Falls, they have a small shoot, IIT on the ground but no shoot boss...

Details here:
Range:  Big Sioux Rifle and Pistol Club

Address:  25951 484th Avenue
              Sioux Falls, SD 57005


When:   July 23-24 2011
Range Fee: $10.00 Per shooter over 18 per weekend

Camping available: Primitive camping is available on site.

nearby camping
KOA Kampground of Sioux Falls - - 605-332-9987

Multiple locations for Brandon and Sioux Falls

Take the Brandon/Corson exit (406) off I-90, turn north and drive into Corson. Take 260th Street east for two miles to the hard surface road (484th Avenue). Turn north and drive 1/2 mile until you see the range sign. Turn west and follow the road to the range house.  Appleseed will be held in the pistol bays west of the range house.


State Laws to be aware of:  Check State Laws

Misc:   This is a mostly 25 meter event.  Bring .22 or centerfire rifles.

Bring lunch, drinking water, and snacks.

Word to the wise- Speed limits strictly enforced in Brandon, SD

For More Information Contact: Private Message to "Whisker" on the Appleseed Forum

Registration Link:
Jul 23-24:

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