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promo on the radio
« on: July 08, 2011, 06:14:46 PM »
This weekend the "Southern Sportsman" with host Terry Turner will air on WNZF radio with an interview about Appleseed with 9mm4545. You should be able to listen by going to and the program comes on at 9 am on both Sat. and Sun. My part comes on about 39 minutes into the program. Terry is a big supporter of Appleseed and will be trying hard for his Rifleman patch at the next event at Flagler Gun Club in Bunnell. The program has national syndication and at the last event we had at least one participant who heard about Appleseed as a result of a previous broadcast. Many community radio stations welcome local news and an Appleseed event qualifies as local news. Give it a try and you might find a friend in the media!
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Re: promo on the radio
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Please download this while it is available. The link won't last for long...

Thanks 9mm4545!!
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