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Insurance, since I've been asked
« on: July 05, 2011, 08:56:14 PM »
I've been asked about getting insurance, and here is how I did it. 

It took some time, but it is simple.  I became an NRA certified instructor, and I signed up for the NRA sponsored insurance program for instructors. 

To become an instructor, the first class one must take is a Basic Instructor Training.  This is the first class for any NRA certified instructor, and you must take it first, as far as I can tell.  Sign up for the class, pay for it, go, sit in a class for a day, take a simple multiple choice test, turn it in, you are done with step 1.

Next take the course for an instructor of Basic Rifle.  That is pretty much what we do, right?  Same process as with the other class, but here you need to shoot, although the standard one needs to meet is low.  Any Appleseed instructors should meet it so long as their bodies do not go into complete spasms. 

Two days in a class, then wait, about a month or so, and your NRA instructors credentials should arrive.  You need to pay the NRA as well as for your class. 

Once you have your NRA credentials, search the internet for NRA instrucotr insurance or click on this link:

Fill out the forms, on line is easy, pay a few hundred bucks, and you will have insurance. 

I have not tested to see under what circumstances it will pay or pay to defend me, but I also do not want any of us to test it. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 
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