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Need input on Libraryseeds

Started by Col Barrett, June 16, 2011, 01:18:04 PM

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Col Barrett

Fellow Appleseeders,

Can I please get some feedback from yall as to who is leading the efforts on Libraryseeds in your state?

I have already done a couple of these and have found they are rather simple and not extremely time demanding. The event itself is typically no more than an hour and a half to share the three strikes, a power liberty benediction and a pitch for Appleseed. As for advertising for the event, you can download the cool 3 strikes poster here: , or request some copies be added to your shoot boss's shoot box at the next shoot. These can be posted at a minimum on the bulletin board at the library, over water fountains or maybe beside the door of the meeting room.

In addition to the posters, see if the library has a newsletter that our event can be added to. Try and have a second event in place so that you can tell your audience if they appreciated the message and thought others should hear it, then they should bring someone next month on x date. Also, a small ad can be run in local papers announcing the event, try and have this done at least once two weeks before, if not 2-3 times if the paper will allow. A sample of the press release can be found here: Remember, most newspapers need something to fill their pages so it doesn't look empty and the nonprofit angle is a good way to get in the paper for free. Don't forget to invite the librarians, their families, home school groups and your neighbors!

Once you invest the hours of getting templates together and contacts at the local newspapers then this becomes pretty easy stuff. I don't think it is out of the question that each member could share the story AT LEAST once a month at one library, if not once at two libraries a month. This will exponentially increase our exposure and get more people to hear the real story behind our program.

Please let me know who in your state has already made efforts or plans to on this front and what they have found does/does not work. I would like to collect info on this and see what kind of difference this makes in our program.

Remember, these can spin off from the libraries and requests may come to speak at senior living centers, church groups, home school groups, tea party meetings etc.

Please post here or PM me with any questions.