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A thought for today 5/8/2011
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Made breakfast for my wife with my boys this AM and I thought.  This woman does so much for the three of us and asks for very little in return.  One day to thank her is never enough, but we'll try.

Then I looked in the mirror and noticed the shirt that I just through on without a thought.  On this Mother's Day, My thoughts drifted with a glance in a mirror to every US Arm Services Mother.  Our men and women in uniform sacrifice so much for each of us, but what about their mothers? 

For every solider has a Mother and they sacrifice right along with their son or daughter.  Because that's what a mother does.

So on this mother's day think of all US Arm Services mothers and thank them for their sacrifice.

As in all thing Appleseed there is a historical part to our message.  On this day think of our first American mothers.  Hannah Davis not only let her Husband Isaac head off to battle the red coats, but knew the additional sacrifice she would make for her Children  Mary, Ephraim, Hannah, and Isaac.