Author Topic: New Instructor Manual, Heads-up, and should we have a local info appendix?  (Read 940 times)

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Hi folks,

In case you have not seen this:  [link deleted by poster (Patent guy) I should not have included all of the material in this forum post]

We have a new and much expanded Instructor manual, but we are cautioned that it will soon be revised.

Should we assemble a PDF document with info on local ranges, etc, which can be printed & carried to local events?

If anyone wants to send or bring me something to scan or copy into that "Maryland local knowledge" appendix, I'd be happy to be the keeper of the file (I have access to alot of office equipment and Adobe, etc).
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A couple of thoughts regarding a range directory... Being an Appleseed manual, maybe only include ranges that have hosted Appleseeds? 

For each Appleseed host range, an extremely detailed range data sheet is assembled and submitted.. Maybe assemble these sheets from  ours and surrounding states?

There's a variety of range directories online.. here's an example..   
We could assemble a listing but it would take a bit of doing.. I remember seeing one on MD Shooters forum but can't seem to find it right now...

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Here is another good directory.

As there are several big 2A groups, NRA, NSSF, etc keeping our "range prospecting lists" up to date for us, I think we should let them do their thing and we take care of our job of saving the nation.

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