Author Topic: 2011- ILLINOIS DEER & TURKEY CLASSIC (The Friday Set Up)  (Read 406 times)

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The stats for this event will be released to me this morning from Target Communications who were the vendor host for the Deer & Turkey Classic.
I will post the numbers this morning once received. In the meantime here are some pictures of our display booth which we set up at 9:00 AM FRIDAY morning.
Thanks to Patriot Gal, EEL & Missouri Brigade for all your support for that day.  We are all exhausted. We had a hard working crew. At 1:00 PM Friday, the show
opened its doors to the public and we worked until 8:00 PM . I have no estimate of crowds but they were ever increasing as the day wore on. Friday at about 5:30 PM
the place was packed. Heavy aisle traffic. This was one huge event.  We were primed and pumped as we reached out and grabbed the walk by traffic's attention.
Guy's high voice rang out on the Altec Lansing speakers....." April 19th, 1775" as people's heads turned to our booth direction.  Friday was a serious primer for the flood
that was coming on Saturday.

Pics attached..     Please note!!!    The AR girl Banner booth set up has a design specific  requirement for having a BLACK table cloth to accent the Canvas Project Appleseed Runner.
We purchased from Walmart a 'BLACK sued table cloth' which looked really sharp yielding the desired contrast. The second table was draped with a Tan Sued table cloth (from Walmart fabric dept).
The black table cloth is the specific design protocol as set forth by the Appleseed Director of Art. We are trying to maintain absolute consistency in branding.  The banner was mounted
with two velcro (soft side on the vinyl fabric) and the velcro hook on the 2 inch dia PVC pipe.  The banner stood 97 inches tall and is eight feet wide. The Project Appleseed table runner
is 40 inches wide by 60 inches long. Affixed to the back side of the table cloth with velcro so it did not slide off. A blue rug was layed on the floor to give foot comfort on concrete with a shooting mat
for demo. The rug also helped define the booth area but was needed for our feet. I would bring a pair of bar stools next time for back relief.

I am guessing we went through some 1500 or more 8 x 11 poster fliers with our schedules on the back side and we dispensed a 'full case' of Tri-folds during the event.

Note too that a gun show in East Peoria was being hosted as well  by the Egyptian Gun Collectors and we  had great Appleseed representation by M1D and MtBrass
I arrived at 8:00 AM to bring over the Captain John Parker Banner and RVW flag set up and table cloth and help get them set up.
They too went through a lot of literature. Theirs will be a separate report for Saturday and Sunday and should be forthcoming.

Saturday venue and Sunday Deer Classic venue reports will come separately.