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Oct 2017 update - Although this list saw some use initially, it never really caught on and has not been used for several years.  Because of this inactivity, the Persist list is being officially discontinued.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Regular practice, especially with fellow Appleseeders, is the best way to retain and refine your skill at arms!  Many of us practice on our own at our favorite local range, but don't have a good way to invite fellow Appleseeders - especially on short notice - to help spot each other on position, 6-steps, sight carding, ball-n-dummy, etc.

The new Arizona Appleseed "Persist" list is a statewide email listserve created as a way to make it easy for Arizona 'seeders to get together at their favorite local range and help each other improve.  First step is to go to

and sign up - you will then receive a verification email, reply as directed in that email and you'll receive a "welcome" email letting you know that you're all set!  Then, whenever you're planning a trip to your favorite range, and would like to invite fellow 'seeders to join you, just send an email to:

with the name of the range and the date/time you will be there in the "Subject" line (i.e. "Tucson Mountain Park, June 4, 8am"), with any other details in the body of the message.  Your invitation will be forwarded to every subscribed Appleseeder.  If you receive a message from the list that somebody will be shooting at a range near you and you'd like to join in, just reply to the message, and your reply will go to just the original sender, reply-all will send it to the full list.  Of course, the more notice you give the more likely someone will be able to join you, but even if it's a last minute decision, it's still worth a try.

Please help minimize inbox clutter by using the list *only* for the purpose of inviting Appleseeders to meet at the range - any other announcements or discussion pertaining to Appleseed should be kept to this forum.  Also, while non-Arizona Appleseeders are welcome to join this list, please keep the range invitations limited to within Arizona or at least within a reasonable drive over the state line.

Thank you!


Addendum:  I think there are at least a couple of people who think they are signed up but aren't.  If you have gone to the Persist list info page and signed up, but did not receive the confirmation email that asks you to reply to that email to finish the signup procedure, please check your spam filter!  If you see it in there (even if you don't it's still a good idea to) please add to your spam filter's "white list."  You are not signed up if you have not replied to that confimation email!  Likewise, even if you replied to the confimation email, you should then have received a second "Welcome to the list" email!

If you signed up, didn't receive the conformation email, and it's *not* in your spam filter, or if you replied to the confimation email but never got the Welcome email, please let me know!

BTT for the new Riflemen and new almost-riflemen in Arizona.   O0

Bumping  :pop:

Just because.

Well not, but do you really want to read the explanation?

I believe I am signed up, I did the reply to the first email and recieved a confirmation email after that.
Can I send out an invite for the tactical .22 match using this?

Sure!  Matches count as practice.


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