Author Topic: Appleseed store E-mail has been down for a while  (Read 1364 times)

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Appleseed store E-mail has been down for a while
« on: March 03, 2011, 11:44:45 AM »
For some reason, Appleseed store E-mail has been down for a while, Google posting something as to the reason, but I didn't bother to read it closely.

For those of you waiting for orders from the store and might be getting cranky that I've not answered your e-mail, I'm sorry.  I'm WAY behind.  We are nearing April and that is when all our big shoots take place and everybody wants something from the store to prepare.  Unfortunately, this is also the time of year when  my personal and business life gets EXTREMELY busy.  We are gearing up for pasture work again right now.  I have the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo to decorate and plan a booth for, the Friends of NRA banquet is also the same weekend as the 4/19 shoots plus all my AS stuff.

Please be patient until I get over this spring hump and everything will smooth back out.  Please don't e-mail or PM unless it's urgent since I have to spend shipping time answering all those.

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