Author Topic: NEW Ground Floor Oportunity In WV! Non-instructors Only Need Apply.  (Read 520 times)

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Do you believe in the vision and mission of Project Appleseed? Are you tired of being a spectator instead of a participant? Do you want to help further the Appleseed mission in WV, but can't commit to instructing?

Well, some fantastic news has come across my virtual "desk" today and I want to share it with you. I mentioned this subject at an earlier time to some of our WV instructors; now we are positioned to seize the opportunity with full support on a national level. What I'm referring to is the AppleCore segment of Project Appleseed. Here is an excerpt from the letter I received today to give an overview:

What is AppleCore?

This may be answered better by first answering 'Who is AppleCore?'  AppleCore was started in Indiana by an attendee who saw a need.  She recognized that our shoots could run more efficiently with some support from those other than instructors.  Thank you, Niecie!

AppleCore are the volunteers who are: retired, unable to travel, time challenged, physically challenged, spouses, juniors, and/or possess skills valuable to Project Appleseed besides instructing.   Most importantly, all AppleCore are Patriots who share the RWVA vision of getting Americans off the couch.  AppleCore includes people with skills such as photography, writing, BOTG, organization, and more.  AppleCore workers will work through their State AppleCore Liaison in conjunction with their State Coordinators  in such tasks as: first contact for new ranges, press releases, flyer distribution, finding media contacts, press escorts, event planning, range liaison, forum support, on site shoot assistance (including registration), and more.  AppleCore volunteers can be easily recognized as such by their royal blue RWVA hats.

AppleCore is not a babysitting service, and it is not a social club.  AppleCore is position of logistics, a position to help your events and your state run more efficiently and effectively.  Currently Indiana's Blue Hats bring such skills as organization, photography, videography, range hosting, promotions, and more to aid in Indiana's efforts to save the sinking ship.

I can't stress enough how having a dedicated support team in WV will allow us to boost turnout, expand into new territory, and smooth-out operations in general.  If you would like to become one of the foundational members of the AppleCore team in WV, please contact me by PM ASAP for details.
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