Author Topic: Advice on Scopes (No, Really!)  (Read 6610 times)

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Re: Advice on Scopes (No, Really!)
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Sights are not a cure all. Step Four presents challenges that all scope shooters need to work through.

4a. Focus your EYE on the FRONT SIGHT Dont peek at the target. Focus on the reticule. The cross hairs need to be in laser like focus. The target can be fuzzy

4b. Focus your MIND on KEEPING the front sight on the TARGET Dial the magnification down. 3x to 4x is more than adequate for Appleseed style shooting. If your magnification is dialed up to 9-14 + the wobbling movement of the cross hairs around the target will be distracting, increasing the temptation to fuss the shot by waiting for the "perfect moment" to squeeze the trigger.

Without executing the fundamentals, Steady Hold Factors, The Six Steps and Natural Point of Aim it doesn't matter what hardware you have attached to your rifle. You will be unnecessarily sacrificing accuracy.

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