Author Topic: Scoutbase 2010 AAR Tunica, MS Oct 23 2010  (Read 526 times)

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Scoutbase 2010 AAR Tunica, MS Oct 23 2010
« on: October 25, 2010, 03:47:47 PM »
This was HUGE!  I mean REALLY HUGE!  And then some.   When I got there at 0715, I asked where I was supposed to set up.  They said, "Appleseed who?" It seems the person I spoke to about coming (who was the only person to return my calls/emails to council) didn't tell the guy in charge of the event.   Anyway, they were quick on their feet and got me a table, some fairly close power and a place to display the banner.  Det451 got there about a half an hour later and we set up.  He has pics of our booth.  A few people wandered by and then at @0900 when the opening ceremonies ended, the flood gates opened.   I can't remember the last time I spoke non-stop until I was hoarse.  Between the two of us, we must have spoken to at least 600 people.  A lot of these were leaders and quite a few were people that were sent by others with a "You gotta see this!"  Maybe 5% of the people had heard of us.  We sold out the november shoot by noon and promised a Dec shoot that Det451 will send in today.  There probably were @10k people there and if we had more AS volunteers, we probably would have been able to reach more people.  Not everybody walked by us and we could have had AS folks strategically positioned by the skeet shooting, BB gun range, scout patch trading post, etc..  Anyway, the scouts fed us lunch and we are on the list for the next Scoutbase in two years.  This was easily the biggest bang for the buck I have ever seen and it didn't cost AS anything but some flyers and targets.
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