Author Topic: Colorado Interest in Group buy for 3/8" AR500 Full-sized D-targets?  (Read 739 times)

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Group buy for 3/8" AR500 Full-sized (to the 4 ring) D-targets.  A fellow instructor, "AROMATIC", in Texas is having them made by bobcat steel.  If he can get 39 or more ordered, we can get them for $128 each + ship.  I'm the contact for New Mexico.  To save on shipping, NM folks are considering shipping everything to me.  I'll be in Raton in the spring or i'll likely see TaosGlock beforehand if you want to piggyback on our shipping.  If not, just PM "AROMATIC" yourself and get a group buy going for Colorado.

See link in NM Forum:

Or link to AROMATIC's thread directly:;topicseen#msg151399

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