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Please READ - LIST CLEANUP!  This list was getting pretty out of date, so to better reflect our available active volunteers, I removed a couple people who have moved out of state, plus anyone who has not worked a shoot or been in touch for at least a year.  If I pulled anyone's name in error - if you're just taking a break and plan to be back, please let me know.  Of course, the best way to get back on the list of active Arizona volunteers is always to just be active and volunteer.

Arizona Appleseed crew - in alphabetical order under each job catagory
Please PM additions/changes to azmule

Screen Name-Position-Additional

azmule-State Coordinator since FEB 2013-Shoot Boss since NOV 2011-DSB MAY 2012

AZ_Varian-Shoot Boss since MAR 2015 Chimich-Shoot Boss since Mar 2017 PaxxAZ-Shoot Boss since DEC 2013 Stargazer61-Shoot Boss since NOV 2013

arpjoe-Instructor since NOV 2009 Galactic overlord-Instructor since APR 2013 HMHArmory-Instructor since Oct 2017 Tinkerer-Instructor since Oct 2017

Coyotl-Instructor in Training since Oct 2015

Pocketshot-Apple Corps since MAR 2013

Status Updates:

I have been authorized to skip IIT4 and move directly to the Instructor PC for our IIT cadre.  

I have also become a Designated Shoot Boss meaning I can create SB cadre through the SBIT program we will start.

AZOpie will get his RH in OCT, I hope and MTProgrammer will get his RH in NOV. If AZBinary gets his IIT3 complete in NOV he & Trekker will be awarded the RH in DEC.  If he chooses, AZRyan will do the same.  This would bring our RH cadre from one to potentially six for the state at the end of the 2010.  Since AZOpie is the senior IIT in AZ, he will be first in the chute for the SBIT program.  The remaining RH cadre who desire to be SBs can then queue up as they wish to enter the program.  Once AZOpie becomes SB certified, we will then continue to increase the SB cadre.

There is no requirement for a RH to become a SB but it would be great to have a robust cadre.

If there are any questions about any of this, please feel free to get in touch with me.  I have committed to six shoots a year to include the 4x per annum I do in Sierra Vista, so we need the assistance because AZOpie has been very aggressive in finding new range hosts for us.

AZBinary is the man for Tucson and he is diligently working that for us.  Faith is always a tremendous asset at our shoots.

If you are an IIT2 and above, please ensure that you have printed out a copy of the Final Instructor Manual and put it in a binder to bring in your kit to AS Shoots. I also need you to send me your shirt size for both a polo and a sweatshirt which you will be awarded on the acquisition of the Red hat.

I have one additional request:  please review the remaining shoots for 2010 and look at the Sierra Vista schedule already posted for 2011.  If there are any you can commit to, please inform Instructor Scheduling by sending a PM to the same name. This gives the SC and I a bead on staffing for all of our events.

Clodhopper (from MT!) will be Shoot Bossing the DEC 2010 Sierra Vista event due to a work conflict I have.  I now consider Montana our sister Appleseed state for AZ since we had the fortune of MTProgrammer (RH in NOV!) emigrating from there to here recently.  I will be there SAT morning but absent the remainder of the shoot that weekend.  I am also hoping that the DEC 2010 event produces at least two new RH cadre.

Thinking this needs to be updated, not offended when deleted...but will be if not updated soon. Not really, just needed to to say something.

This will be updated soon, Paxx.  If it isn't, please speak up and let me know....    &)

I have made a request to National for the entire Arizona Appleseed Cadre list.   As soon as I receive this - I will update this thread.



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