Author Topic: Another Appleseed in Escondido, CA!  (Read 684 times)

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Another Appleseed in Escondido, CA!
« on: June 03, 2010, 06:48:43 PM »
Well, it's official! We got a second date at the Escondido Fish and Game Association Range on the weekend of August 14-15, 2010. Here is the info:

Address: 16525 Guejito Road, Escondido, CA 92027


There will be camping available on site. No formal campground, just pull up a piece of the parking lot and pitch your tent, or park your motorhome. The Instructors will be camping. Bring your tent and join us.

Come out to one of the most outstanding ranges in the Southern California and learn your heritage as an American, and also learn how to become an even better rifle shot than you are now.

If you don't have a rifle of your own, make a note in the sign up comments, & we will try our best to arrange a loaner rifle for you. Most are also available with ammo to be purchased. But to be sure, bring some .22lr ammo and you should be set.

Now for some State Laws:
All applicable California rifle restrictions are in place, if in doubt to what is allowable, please refer to:

*No detachable box magazines may be brought into state with capacity exceeding ten rounds. Unless you owned them prior to Jan1, 2000; then it's OK. All Tubular-magazine 22s are OK.

*"Assault weapons" ban- If you're registered with CA DOJ already, you're fine and can shoot your AK, AR15, G3 etc. with no problem. Might want to Xerox the DOJ document and keep it in the rifle case. Do not bring an unregistered "assault weapon" into the state. Do not bring an unregistered "assault weapon" to the range. Similarly, unregistered 50 BMG is not legal.

Out of state shooters, don't bring military-pattern semiautomatics as they're almost sure to fall under the "assault weapon" ban. M1 Garand and most 10-shot fixed-magazine SKS' are OK. There is one SKS exception: Zastava SKS Carbines 59/66 are considered destructive devices in California and therefore may not be purchased, possessed, imported, or kept for sale without a permit. (Having said all that about "assault rifles", there is provision in state law for out-of-state shooters to bring "assault rifles" to CA shooting events; anybody wants to try that out might want to read the statute for themselves and consult a lawyer-welcome to California.)

Now, what is this going to cost you? Women, youngsters 20 and under, and active military, reserves, and National Guard are given free admittance. Guys, 21 & older that are not in the military will be charged $45 for one day, $70 for the full weekend if they pre register here:
If they just show up at the door, it will be $50 for one day, and $80 for the weekend, plus the range fees.

The range fees are $5 per person per day.

We shoot at 25m (82 ft) at a reduced size Army Qualification Target, scaled for 100, 200, 300, & 400 yd shooting.

Known distance shooting will also be available for those with centerfire rifles and grouping around 4-6 MOA. Probably Sunday afternoon.

We do not require the use of specialized gear, it really is a "run what you brung" shoot. We suggest the use of between .22 - 8mm rifles. Iron sights, Tech-Sights, scopes, semi auto, bolt action, lever action, pump action, if you have it, & want to learn how to shoot it better, bring it!!

Plan on shooting about 250 rounds of ammo, per rifle, per day. The range is our classroom, & we very much believe in teaching, & shooting.

For more information on this shoot, please check here:

There are local motels if needed. Please see the above link.

We gather at lunch on site to explain the importance of April 19, 1775, and the beginnings of our Nation, & our Heritage. There are tables at the range and some bench type seating areas. For more comfort bring a chair. Plan to bring a bag lunch both days. Either way, I guarantee you will not want to miss this portion of the event. Come learn about the choices made by the men and women of Colonial America, and their final response to an oppressive Government. See if you can see any comparisons that might be drawn between then & now. Consider what your own choices are.
Answer the question, What would you have done?

No tracer ammo allowed

Please arrive for check in by 8:30am.

We recommend you bring: Rifle; Ammunition; Sling; shooting jacket; elbow pads; shooting mat (or carpet remnant); water/drink bottles; most importantly a teachable attitude. For more information on what to bring go to click on the link below the picture of the Eagle.

We have 35 spaces available, so make sure you register online as soon as possibles so you do not miss out on this opportunity!!

Come out and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

We hope to see you there!!

For more information about the range, camping, etc contact the range at (760) 749-3277. For information about Appleseed event itself contact or phone 805.558.1826.  For more information about Appleseed visit
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Re: Another Appleseed in Escondido, CA!
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2010, 02:52:26 AM »
Great!  I was worried they were going give us the 5th weekend setup.  Count me in!  I'd do it myself but it isn't posted in the schedule yet. 

;D  ;D  ;D
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Re: Another Appleseed in Escondido, CA!
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2010, 10:44:45 PM »
 :D ^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^
Officially posted in the National Schedule NOW!!!!
Maximum is 35 shooters------ REGISTER NOW!!!!!!!
Consider camping at the range==a great experience.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,steve
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