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The purpose of an LTR
« on: May 31, 2010, 11:34:48 AM »
Folks, the purpose of an LTR is to provide the shooter with a .22 rimfire rifle that mimics their centerfire rifle closely enough to provide good range training while firing the much cheaper and (sometimes) easier to find/purchase .22 rimfire ammo.

It should have good sights that mimic their centerfire rifle.  For the most part the Tech Sights available for many of the common .22 semiautomatic rifles will do this and are just about perfect for that job.

It should have a 1&1/4" wide GI type sling.  It's your choice whether you choose the nylon web, the cotton web or the leather 1907 type sling.  All will do the job but you should have the same type of sling on your centerfire rifle.

The stock should really fit you pretty well so you can build a good sling supported firing position with it and have repeatable cheek weld.

I say the above because of all the time/money spent by folks looking for ways/equipment to tune their rifles to make them more accurate.

Trigger work?  Does your centerfire rifle have a match trigger?  If not why have a fancy high dollar trigger on your LTR?  I've seen folks shoot rifleman scores with some of the ugliest triggers I've ever pulled. 

Match barrels?  Does your centerfire rifle have a match barrel?  Stock barrels shoot 210 or above all the time.

The point of this post is to focus you on practice with your LTR.  Practice using the techniques you learn at Appleseeds.  After all, a four minute of angle group will get you a great rifleman score on the AQT (25 meter or full distance).  How much higher does the score get when you shoot a 2 MOA group?

Go practice and enjoy learning to shoot that LTR better.