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M1 Garand Helpful Information Page
« on: May 31, 2010, 12:13:38 AM »
Model/Name:  M1 Garand

Manufacturer:  Springfield Armory, Winchester, Harrington & Richardson, International Harvester

Caliber:  30.06 originally, some have been rebarreled to .308 Winchester

Link to instruction manual:

Suggested modifications (minimum):  Buy a 1&1/4" GI web sling (cotton or nylon) and put it on the rifle.

Suggested additional accessories:  Buy several clips, a good .30 caliber cleaning kit, good case to store/transport the rifle in.  The standard clips hold 8 rounds.  There are special clips that hold only 2 rounds that you can buy so you have a "10 round stage" worth of ammo ready for the rifle.  It would be a good idea, if you decide on the 2 rounds clips to buy 2 or 3 so you have a spare if needed.  These clips are very robust as long as you don't step on them and bend them multiple times, but spares are still a good idea.    

Sling:   The 1&1/4" GI web sling may be cotton or nylon.  Surplus and new slings are available at many online sites and even at gunshows.   Here is an example....  Here's how to set up and adjust the web sling   If you think you want to try a leather sling, here's how to set up and adjust one of those

Additional modifications:  If you have an M1 and have trouble seeing the front sight you might try installing a scope on your M1.  Here is an example of a mount that attaches to the barrel (replaces the lower handguard) and uses a long eye relief rifle scope or a handgun scope.  It can be removed at any time and the handguard reinstalled to return the rifle to original configuration.  On the other hand, if you have very good eyesight and are used to match type sights on other rifles you can buy and install match front and rear sights on your M1.  While not necessary for normal shooting, some folks like the thinner front sight blade and the ability of the match rear sight to make 1/2 MOA adjustments vs. the standard rear sight's 1 MOA per click adjustment.  Use of an adjustable gas plug in your M1 Garand will allow you to use other types of commecial 30.06 ammo than the two types mentioned in the ammo section below - as long as the adjustable gas plug is properly adjusted.  There are two types of adjustable gas plugs.  The Schuster  and the McCann  These are available from multple sources.

Trouble shooting:  Use the link to the instruction manual above for trouble shooting, cleaning and lubrication help.  

Ammo:   M1's should only be fired with surplus ammo or with reloads meant to be fired in an M1 Garand.  Unless you have installed an adjustable gas plug (see additional accessories section above).  The M1 is a very solidly built robust rifle but the gas system is designed for gas pressure generated by powder within a certain burn rate range to insure the pressure at the gas port/gas system is correct.  Use of ammo that is not meant for an M1 usually results in a damaged operating rod.  At this time two commercial ammo companies are making/marketing 30.06 ammo meant for use in M1's.  Hornady  and Federal   Use of other 30.06 commercial ammo besides the two specific types in these links, even if made by Federal or Hornady may result in damage to your rifle.

A safe M1 Garand:

Clip OUT -- The clip should eject when the last round is fired.  If it did not, pull the bolt to the rear and push the clip latch on the left side of the receiver to eject the clip and any remaining rounds.

BOLT BACK -- Pull the bolt fully to the rear of the receiver and it will lock back once the clip is out of the rifle.  Be sure you know what "fully back" means to the bolt is LOCKED back, not just temporarily hung on the follower.  "Garand Thumb" caused by the bolt slamming shut on your thumb will be an experience you will not soon forget.  Always make sure the bolt is truly locked back.

SAFETY ON -- Place the safety ON by pushing it fully towards the towards the trigger.

CHAMBER FLAG IN -- Insert the chamber flag into the chamber.

RIFLE GROUNDED -- Place the rifle down on the shooting mat/rug with the operating rod up.


M1's have been firing the AQT since before WW2.  There is history/heritage in these rifles unmatched by any American rifle made after that time.  30.06 ammo can be expensive and you may not want to shoot 400 rounds in a weekend Appleseed but if you are attending an Appleseed at a range that will allow full distance shooting an M1 is a great choice for the full distance portion of the weekend.

Thanks to Nevada Smith, didactic, ornell and SamD for getting involved in setting this page up for others to use/learn from.
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