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Every other state has a thread for their Riflemen to check in. So just as a way to keep up with you, check in here with your name, location, where you made Rifleman at, etc.

This is for Riflemen who are not yet an Instuctor.  We'll keep you updated with events in SC, etc.

Lexington, SC

Bruce Shrader
Florence, S.C.
Shot Rifleman at Gaston, S.C. May2, 2009
Also attended two applseeds in Ramseur,N.C.
Sept. 2007 and April 2010.
 PS To Fred
It's Quality, not Quantity.

Blume up here in Greenville,   I made Rifleman on March 4th in Gaston...

I'm hoping I can make it over to Anderson on the 26th... but probably won't be able to do both days... so will be a walk in.

I'll only check in here about every week or so...

Larry N:
We (Larry & Karen - Hartsville, SC) attended the Oct. 3 & 4, 2009 Appleseed in Gaston, SC. Lots of good teaching and practice but didn't achieve Riflemen until the March 6 & 7, 2010 event in Gaston, SC. Larry shot Rifleman on March 6 and I shot Rifleman on March 7. Great experience all around with great instruction. We recommend Appleseed every chance we get!

John Williams
Greenville, SC
Shot Rifleman (217) at Lima, Ohio, October 3, 2010

My brother, who lives near Lima, talked me into driving up to Ohio and attending an Appleseed with him.  I am glad I did.  It rained all day Saturday, was cold, windy, wet, and muddy.  Sunday was the same minus the rain.  I had a great time, and I learned a lot, and met a lot of great people.  As one of the Police Officers that attended posted "Missing your target in the rain while laying in a puddle of mud sucks.  Hitting your target in the rain while laying in a puddle of mud is lots of fun."

I saw in an earlier post on one of the other South Carolina threads that blume357 had approached Greenville Gun Club about having an Appleseed there.  Is there any news on this?  I live in Greenville County and an Appleseed in Greenville would be great.

Has anyone approached the DNR Range in Liberty about having an Appleseed there?

I have been talking Appleseed up with my friends since I got home and already have two interested, plus both of my boys are dieing to attend (have to wait for soccer season to end for them)

I am interested in helping, maybe even becoming an IIT.


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