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"Junior" Questions and Answers

Started by Butt Stock, April 23, 2010, 01:33:41 PM

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The Appleseed project is the activity of the revolutinary war vetreans association. We are a marksmanship and history organization, we teach the finest fundamentals of marksmanship course available, as well as teach people about the history of April 19th 1775. While a majority of our events are shooting events we have started a new program to teach the history of April 19th in public places, sans shooting.
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Not only the Kids, but, we have noticed a trend of people using the orange hat as another achievement,(FL)
as if the Rifleman Patch was not enough.
Well that's great if you are trying for red or doing the work out on the trail.
But if it is a trophy on your mantle and you are not committed, don't be surprised if someone contacts you and asks for the hat back!
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What have you done for this program lately?
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any how is there any JR. IIT's that are intrested in HI power shooting. why i ask is i am getting in to it more and more because i shot a HI power clinic a couple weeks ago and i did rill good. i will say it is way diffrent form appleseed shooting in a way.

Yeah there definetly are, I'm not an IIT yet , but I'm beginning to shoot a little highpower. I have a match in a few weeks with my dad's Service Rifle ( although he doesn't really shoot service anymore cause of his eyes but he still shoots in match rifle). I also reload my own ammo. If you go to the National Matches at Camp Perry there's a good number of youth shooters. I would recommend going to the AMU's (Army Marksmanship Unit's) Small Arms Firing School which is during the national matches. So I hope that helps, DB