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High-Power Clinic & Match, Gibsonburg, OH

Started by Gordon, April 28, 2010, 11:51:37 AM

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Hello Appleseeders:

  I'd like to call your attention to an event being hosted at the Sandusky County Sportsmen's Club (SCSC) in Gibsonburg, Ohio (the host of our Gibsonburg Appleseed events):

High Power Rifle Match & Clinic.
Gibsonburg, Ohio, May 23, 2010

A few of the members are eager to cultivate club interest in high-power rifle shooting, with a view toward fielding a team at the National Matches at Camp Perry, just a few miles away. For them, this event is part of that broader goal.

Now before you say, "well why not have them come out to an Appleseed?", please believe me when I say we're working on it. Especially Posterboy. It'll happen sooner or later, I'm convinced.

You may ask, "what does this clinic have to do with Appleseed?" Well for one thing, I believe that our program can only benefit by an increase in interest in genuine rifle marksmanship. A good, working relationship between this emerging SCSC high-power group and the RWVA must be beneficial to both.

Moreover, if this endeavor develops as the organizers hope, someday we may be able to get a target pit behind the 500 yard berm, outfitted with surplus target frames (the kind that are lowered, scored and re-raised by the pit operators) from Camp Perry. (Camp Perry has several of these frames just waiting to be given away). If that came to pass, then full-distance AQT's at Gibsonburg Appleseeds would be a regular feature.

OK here's some more information on the event:
QuoteThis shoot will be conducted by experienced High Power shooters in order to educate new shooters and give shooters an opportunity to meet the CMP qualification standards. In addition shooters will be given the opportunity to engage in the sport of high power rifle shooting. By learning proper range commands, range etiquette, firing positions, and most of all fireaims safety.

What you need

  • Rifle: Any safe commercial or military rifle equipped with iron sights, a magazine capacity of at least 5 rounds and a sling.
  • Ammunition: A minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition.
  • Competitive equipment is not required but may be used.
  • A shooting mat or ground cloth is recommended.
  • An empty chamber indicator will be provided, use is mandatory. Targets will be shot at 200 yards and 100 yards.

The main instructor of the event is Sgt Jesse Bragg, USMC (Reserve), Iraq combat veteran and USMC "primary marksmanship instructor". Sgt Bragg says that the event is mainly to introduce people to high-power competitive shooting, to remove the "intimidation of going out to the National Matches" (which are only about 20 miles away). He wants to expand the presence of high-power in our area, saying "it's a shame that we live so close to Camp Perry and don't have anyone out there".

He says that we'll be shooting at 100 and 200 yards, using the NRA "SR" target ("Short-range"), in which the black ring is 13 inches. (Quick, how many MOA is that? Hint: more than four!!)

So if you're interested, follow the link above and give Sgt Bragg a call. It's not Appleseed, but it's related, and I believe "their success is our success".




This sounds really great and something I would be interested in doing---but there are 2 Appleseeds that weekend. Maybe if there is another on a weekend I am not AS committed I can make it up!! Keep us posted.

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Yes. In no way do I want this to compete with Appleseed! In fact I was reluctant to even make the post but I got an "OK" from the upper levels.

But if anyone's not doing any Appleseeding that weekend and is within a day-trip's distance of northwest Ohio, .... well then!

As I indicated in the post, if this group succeeds, it can only help Appleseed by deepening the presence of rifle marksmanship at our club. In fact one of the organizers wants to call this HP group the "Apple Corps". Outstanding. :) 

Now if we could only get him to actually attend one of our events!!!  :wb:

George T


I too would like to attend and then slip on over to the North Store, but we have the Athens Appleseed to attend to that week-end.

Keep us posted of additional dates.


George T


You bet!

And if/when anyone wants overnight lodging for one of these in the future, or to camp at the range, we can surely arrange it.


I will be there.

HP group is not going to be called Apple Core though. The group trying to get the pits installed is the Apple Core, because the seeds contained in the core are when the fruits come from.


Quote from: ilium on May 14, 2010, 03:41:01 AM
I will be there.

HP group is not going to be called Apple Core though. The group trying to get the pits installed is the Apple Core, because the seeds contained in the core are when the fruits come from.

You callin' me a fruit?  :)

-- Shamless excuse to bump this to the top one more time,

Butt Stock

We will be having lunch available there also. Lunch for this shoot will consist of Hot Dogs, Pot. salad, chips, and a drink.