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A.AS Postscripts
« on: April 12, 2010, 12:10:00 AM »
A.AS Postscripts

This article deals with questions that have come up since the drafting and finishing of the Adaptive Appleseed (A.AS) Admissions Manual, it is a discussion of qualifying conditions, and thoughts on the program in general.

By way of history, this program has been three+ years in the making.  After a number of starts, the shooting seasons bumping it to background noise of daily events and living it was done.  Originally the scope was for veterans, but was broadened to all disabled.  A.AS has a tentative five year evaluation run, and is then open for review to see if it will remain; more on this later.  Meanwhile, some questions that have come up since the manual was written.

What is a disability?  Simply any condition that is defined and protected by ADA, and would qualify an individual for [job, housing, &c.] protection under current law.

What conditions and types of disability are covered? Generally, anything outlined above, but it must fit all of ADA's eligibility criteria.  AS & A.AS is not going to practice medicine or law when an individual shows up that isn't visibly 'disabled'.  If a participant or Instructor isn't really sure if they fit, and A.AS can't give a decisive answer, the participant in question will be 1. asked to get a Medical Doctors statement of an active disability 2. on their current Prescription Pad, 3. to include a statement of specific disability, types of movement the participant cannot do, and 4. must have an original signature only, and 5. must be dated within the last six months. This is the same info [you] used when declaring and proving [your] disability to your employer for ADA protections.  Until something better is worked out, this will be a standard.  This may be pricey for the legitimately disabled, for that I personally apologize, but this should slow down those that are inclined to push the disability definition.

The last sentence goes to the active life of Adaptive Appleseed.  Much like the Founding Fathers, Appleseed has made a substantial commitment to this program; abuse by those trying to 'sneak in' will count against it.  It is still designed to minimize AS Resources, but there are things that must be asked.  If all else fails at the moment, go with your 'gut'- you didn't make it to your current age without using it; a few may sneak by, but a greater good is being served.
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