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Liberty Training Rifle - A Definition and Explanation of Purpose

Here at Appleseed, we have seen the cost of centerfire ammo skyrocket along with everyone else.  When the prices started to rise, some enterprising Appleseeders worked up a trainer rifle based on the Ruger 10/22, and it was quickly dubbed the "Liberty Trainer Rifle", or LTR for short.  Since then, the term LTR has become more generic in use to mean any low cost but adequate alternative to the centerfire rifles.

The Purpose of a Liberty Training Rifle

LTRs can be built upon many manufacturers' products and there are endless varieties available.   The idea is to have an inexpensive rifle which you can learn rifle marksmanship skills, which will transfer to any rifle.   An LTR serves two very important purposes:

1) It allows you to practice and improve your marksmanship skills without breaking the bank.  For about the cost of one weekend's worth of centerfire ammunition, you can develop an LTR that uses inexpensive .22 ammo.  After all, pulling a trigger is pulling a trigger.  It doesn't matter which rifle you are holding at the time.  Skills developed on a .22 are transferred instantly to your centerfire rifle. 

2) It allows you to teach others fundamental Marksmanship.  Every Appleseeder should always strive to "Learn today. Teach tomorrow."  A LTR provides for an easy and less intimidating way for you to achieve that goal.  It is ideally suited for new shooters or responsible children.  And because it is not an expensive rifle, you will feel more comfortable to loan it to your brother-in-law.

Hopefully you see the benefits an LTR can provide to both your wallet and to your mission of helping The Appleseed Project Return America to a Nation of Riflemen.  Here is how to build one for yourself.

How to Assemble an LTR

The Ruger 10/22 still reigns as the first and most common LTR, however we have seen many different rifles and variations on the firing lines around the country and over the years.  Please keep in mind as you read through this, LTRs are not required, they are just a way for you to save on centerfire ammo.  Most locations allow centerfire rifles and Appleseed allows up to .32 cal/8mm rifles.  Also keep in mind, we don't want to discourage you from bringing the rifle you have in your safe NOW.  There is plenty which can be learned with your current rifle, there is no requirement for you to purchase an LTR.

Appleseeders have acquired a good deal of information about the Ruger 10/22 as an LTR, over the last couple of years.   We have included the more basic information here in this PDF file Assembling an LTR.   The Ruger 10/22, being one of the most popular rimfire rifles ever, has countless accessories which can be added.  We have tried to keep these to a minimum for cost and simplicity.  Our recommendation is if you do take this route, do the minimum until you have attended an Appleseed, then you can make an informed decision on which other modifications you would like.

Recently, Marlin has entered into the LTR market with their Marlin 795.  It can be viewed here, Marlin's 795 page.  The benefits the Marlin 795 has over the Ruger 10/22 are as follows:
-The Marlin only requires the addition of Tech-Sights Click here for Tech-Sight information
-The Marlin already has sling swivel studs, Bolt release, easy to manipulate magazine release.
-Initial purchase cost of the rifle is currently lower than the Ruger 10/22.

There have been many favorable reports about the functionality and reliability of the Marlin 795.   As well as very favorable reports on the Ruger 10/22 

An additional note, the Tech-Sights for the Marlin 795 are the same as for the Marlin 60, so if you, like many, have a Marlin 60 in your safe, it is just a step away from becoming an LTR.

There is no requirement for anyone to purchase or use an LTR at any Appleseed Shoot.  This information is provided to your to do with it what you see fit.  The LTR concept has helped many Appleseeders become Rifleman, stay proficient and save a good bit of money on ammo.  They also make great loaner rifles too.