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News Flash                   News Flash                    News Flash[/color]

Folks!   Just to let you know our fearless leader "Fred" has stepped in and made it possible for
securing a better price for those who want to still get the new Appleseed Event Promotions Banner.
The new price will  now be approx $100.00 plus tax. This is fantastic and  really unexpected.
I do thank you Fred for your support for this project I have finished designing. This really helps the cause.

There will be still time for those who have yet to see or discover and/or recognize this opportunity to
better promote their Appleseed program efforts. There is still time to  purchase one or more Banners as depicted in my earlier post but
at the new price, thanks to Fred. It is that law of large numbers thing that gives the advantage. O0

Come on Wyoming,  Idaho, Montana,... read you email??? New Mexico (come on Sam D?) , Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Come on Texas you need another one
(sheesh, such a big state?) you got room to fill it will AS events.  Is Michigan out there? Georgia?  Sleepy siesta time Florida (come on
get off the beach or drop your tuna fishing pole and buy one. ^:)^ Where is Virgina, New York and the peoples republic of Massachusetts?
Appleseed events in Arizona too hot and dry **) come on Arizona you need one .

Lets go, lets go guys or as EEL says..... QUICKLY, QUICKLY, QUICKLY,  I am leaving to go the printer in one hour. :cool2:

Best regards,