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Virtual Muster Night - Tomorrow (2/2/2010)
« on: February 01, 2010, 10:38:47 PM »
In case you didn't see it on the other forums, Appleseed is having a virtual muster night tomorrow night.  I hope all you RI'ers out there can make it! 


Virtual Muster Night: A Call To Everyone

Hello and welcome to each of you!  If you are reading this it is because you are a member of the Appleseed Project and are being contacted as such. 

In just over one week, the Appleseed Project will be hosing an event called Virtual Muster Night.  It is designed to help us all rejuvenate ourselves to our joint purpose, reconnected to our state programs, and reconnected to each other.

The Virtual Muster Night event is Feb. 2nd from 8-9pm EST).  The event will be both on the forum and on Scout's Rifleman Radio Show at the same time.  We are asking that each and every one of you come to the forum, sign in to the Virtual Muster Night Subforum and then head over to your state forums.  Once there you can find all the others from your state, check on projects that are happening and check in briefly with your State Coordinator and look at the calendar of shoots.  Sign up for a few. 

Then get ready to have some fun.

Now, normally the Appleseed Project is all work and no play, but this night will be a bit different.  For one night only, there will be special Virtual Muster Night only threads written by the Master Instructors on cool topics and open for Q&A.  Fred himself is expected on the Radio Show in order to take calls and questions!

Radio Show?! Yes, the Rifleman Radio Show will be running and we hope many will come on to report in on the forum mustering activities.  Scout will be there along with many others in the chat room.  If any of you have missed the the weekly Radio Show, this is your chance to check it out and be a part of it.

So, please, get ready to muster up.  Get ready to have an "Appleseed Revival" for each of us who can use it.  Get ready to be a part of an event that will go into the Appleseed history books.  And get ready to take your place in the success of this year of record breaking growth. 

Be warned - the special forum, the special threads, the VM Night Radio Show itself will only last for those two hours, then they will lock and history will be closed.  Do not come late or you will miss out and only be able to read what others did!

As you know, we ask participants at every Appleseed how many could they muster on short notice.  1000? 100? 10?  This is our night to ask that question of ourselves, our states, and of our national program: "How many can WE muster?" 

Mark you calendar, and make some time for the night even if it is just 15 minutes.  Help spread the word that the muster bell is to be rung and let's make this a big night.  Our forum has never had over 340 members on it at once and that is a small portion of our membership.  Let's see if we can break 1000!