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Part Two:  Current Personnel Roster

As in Part One, I am going to present the facts as I see them as they relate to the mission of growing the program without any prejudice or agenda.  This is especially true of the information I will present in this post because I will be showing names of instructors and numbers of events participated in.  This is not intended to be a "shame on you" post in any manner.  On the contrary, I want to recognize those instructors and others for their contributions to the Appleseed Program in 2010.  Likewise, I don't intend for this to be a contest between any two people involved in this program.  Think of this as a baseline to be improved upon in 2010 for each individual.  

This list will not necessarily be a listing of every event worked for each individual instructor.  What I want to show is the events worked in North Carolina and credit the instructors that worked them.  Remember, my responsibility is to grow the number of shoots and attendees at events in North Carolina, and while I heartily encourage instructors to cross state lines to broaden your experience and perspective on the national level, I am not particularly interested in making the effort to show each instructor's entire resume for 2009 in this post.  However, if the NC instructor cadre requests it, I will oblige you in a later post.  Reply here if that's what you all want.  I'll do an end-of-year brag sheet for North Carolina if enough of you want me to.  I'll even correct the number of shoots an instructor worked if my info is wrong.  In fact, I request that you all do contact me via PM if any of my information is wrong or out-of-date, so we can set an accurate baseline.  Anyway, on with the show.

North Carolina SB/RI Roster

7.62BBQ - 7 Appleseed Shoots (6 as Shoot Boss), 1 Rifleman Boot Camp
Fred - The Helpful One is ALWAYS involved!
Hawkeye - 6 AS
Lawman - 6 AS
len1459 - 4 AS
Silence - 3 AS (3 as SB)
Stimey - 1 AS (1 as SB), 1 RBC, Fort Stewart Training Evolution, 1/178 FA, SC-ANG
Pshooter - 2 AS
The Kid - 2 AS
txpirate - 2 AS, Fort Stewart Training Evolution, 1/178 FA, SC-ANG

North Carolina IIT Roster

Bonden (IIT) - 0 AS
bulkhead (IIT) - 4 AS
Karl2500 (IIT) - 0 AS
Redwolf (Jr. Member) - 1 AS
steves4570 (IIT) - 2 AS

Border Raiders Roster

arpjoe (RI, Ohio) - 1 AS
azwildcat2001 (RI, Virginia) - 3 AS
bjneiman (IIT, Virginia) - 1 AS
boltgun71 (RI, Fort Jackson, South Carolina) - 2 AS (2 as SB)
crashkid2k (SI, Virginia) - 3 AS, 2 RBC (1 as SB)
DwayneH (RI, South Carolina) - 2 AS
friedenmeister (RI, Georgia) - 4 AS
History2 (IIT3, Georgia) - 1 AS
jmdavis (RI, Virginia) - 3 AS (1 as SB), 1 RBC
Matt (RI, Virginia) - 3 AS (2 as SB)
sanderman79 (IIT, Georgia) - 1 AS
Son of Martha (MI, Georgia) - 2 AS, 2 RBC (2 as SB), Fort Stewart Training Evolution, 1/178 FA, SC-ANG (as SB)
smwwoody (RI, Virginia) - 1 AS (1 as SB)
Spanner (RI, West Virginia) - 1 AS, 1 RBC
Surprise Break (IIT1, Maryland) - 1 AS
Thor (RI, Connecticut) - 1 AS
Truculent turtle (RI, Virginia) - 4 AS, 2 RBC
VAshooter (MI, Virginia) - 1 AS, 1 RBC (1 as SB), Fort Stewart Training Evolution, 1/178 FA, SC-ANG

In addition to the above, I need help with the following.  Anybody who knows, PM me.

ACPJunkie (RI, Unknown State) - 3 AS
bagel (IIT1, Unknown State) - 1 AS
David (no information) - 2 AS
Junior Birdman (MI, Unknown State) - 1 AS, 1 RBC (1 as SB)

As we can see, North Carolina is indeed blessed by the quantity and quality of her friends.  This puts within me a desire for us to catch up and pull our own weight on the national level.  We should do at least as much as our neighbors in terms of productivity and numbers of shoots and shoot venues.  I will be taking steps very soon to grow our instructor cadre in 2010, steps which I will detail in Part Three of this strategy.  For now, I present this to let us know how we did in 2009.  I urge you all to commit to at least 10 events in 2010.  For all NC IIT's, we RI's and SB's desperately need help.  Some of you have been IIT's for up to two years.  I have gone from not affiliated with Appleseed to Regular Instructor, Shoot Boss and State Coordinator for the Home State in nine months.  Now, not everyone has that kind of time to devote to any hobby or civic duty, and I accept that with no prejudice.  However, I need 30 fully qualified instructors by April 19th, 2010.  Of these, no fewer than six of these need to be qualified Shoot Bosses.  That means you IIT's need to be ready, because I will come calling.  If you don't have the time, then find me a replacement that I can train in your place.  That's my challenge to you IIT's.  Do as much as you can to honor your commitment, because I am going to set some very challenging goals for you in the next five months.  More to follow.
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Hey Stimey,

Perhaps there should be a category for Invaders (you know, like people who moved here halfway through the year)

Better yet, what about a category for Conquerors (like an Invader who rose to a leadership position)

I kid, I keed.  :D

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   I have been issued a red cap but have been inactive for several years. I have attended about 4 Appleseeds including one bootcamp.I have assisted in the training at one Appleseed. I will certainly need more training/retraining to become a fully useful.
John Evans
Wilmington, NC

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   Please contact me at about organizing an Appleseed shoot in Wilmington, NC.
John Evans

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   Please contact me at about organizing an Appleseed shoot in Wilmington, NC.
John Evans

If an AS is scheduled for Wilmington, NC, let me know.  I have a sister and brother in law there.  I'm not sure if my BIL would shoot, but I'd like to talk my sister into shooting.  Hey, I might come down with my family, stay at her house and take her to the shoot.

-RPD, an Ohio native.
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This is what I (we) get for not using the online schedule most of last year....only going to 2 Appleseeds.....HA! :o Guess someone needs to start stepping it up when it comes to remembering to PM IS.....  ::) ~~:) @&) 

Thanks for the Update Stimey, it is good to see a lot of the new orange down at Ramseur, it has been awhile.

See you guys on the trail.

The Kid
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Hey Stimey,

I just got my Red Hat this weekend at Manchester, TN, which made my 17th AS event as an attendee or as an IIT.
In NC:
I've attended 1 AS (3 day event July 4th weekend in 2008) Ramseur
I attended 1 IBC at Ramseur ( 4 days over Thanksgiving in November 2008)
My son lives in Weaverville (in a subdivision) and I frequent the Asheville area to see my grandson.

I live just across the State Line in Roan Mountain, TN and in the Tri Cities area of East TN.

Additionally, I used to travel all over Western NC from Asheville west all the way to Murphy/Andrews, down to Franklin and points south and west to Andrews. I am across the State line, but close enough to do some things in the Asheville area/region or even almost anywhere in Western NC because I KNOW that the whole end of the State is neglected and needs AS. I also know there are people other than those liberals/hippies in the Asheville area and, especially in the rest of Western NC. So, we NEED AS THERE. I'm an ardent believer in the need there and know we must get some people getting with the ranges or farmers to let us do some AS's there. We're a National name now and the ranges might just be more obliging than in the past. If not, then let's find us some farms and we'll farm team it.

Guess what I'm saying is that if you can help us get a place for an AS, then I'll help you out on running it. So, keep me in mind by putting me on your list of people available in Western NC.

Thanks and lots of luck generating up some place where we can schedule an event. Getting shooters will not be the problem, that's for sure. We can hit the Flea Markets, the gun shops, sports shops, hunting supply shops, etc. Let's do it!!!!!  Of course, we need to do more here in East TN too as we have a very large market in the Knoxville Region who would like to see it happen. Since both regions (NC/TN) border each other we should get some crossover action to draw upon.

Let's keep hammering and, of course, BAILING  &)

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