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Eureka, CA Appleseed February 20-21, 2010
« on: February 02, 2010, 06:21:38 PM »
Appleseed comes to Eureka, CA! Come out and join us at Redwood Gun Club in Eureka. At this event you will learn about the Founding Fathers of America, and learn how to become an even better rifle shot than you are now.

You just bought a new rifle? We will show you how to be safe, efficient and accurate with it.

You say you've never fired a rifle before?? No problem!! We will train you how to safely, efficiently, and correctly operate a rifle.

You don't even have a rifle of your own? Again, not a problem. Make a note in the sign up comments, & we will try our best to arrange a loaner rifle for you.

Rusty? Been awhile since you last seriously shot your favorite rifle. Come knock the rust off and give the equipment a serious shake out.

You really know how to shoot? Come see if you can measure up to the standards set by the Rifleman heritage. Who knows you might stay and decide to help pass those skills on.

You'd like to come but with the economy the way it is you don't think you can afford the time and money? Come and see why Appleseed is the only long term answer to solving these problems and that you really can't afford not to come. Sometimes short term sacrifice is necessary for long term gain. Get some friends to come with you, split the costs, carpool, share rooms. When bad times are coming now is the time to network and meet up with like minded Americans working together to save this country.

All applicable California rifle restrictions are in place, if in doubt to what is allowable, please refer to:

*No detachable box magazines may be brought into state with capacity exceeding ten rounds. All Tubular-magazine 22s are OK.

*"Assault weapons" ban- If you're registered with CA DOJ already, you're fine and can shoot your AK, AR15, G3 etc. with no problem. Might want to Xerox the DOJ document and keep it in the rifle case. Do not bring an unregistered "assault weapon" into the state. Do not bring an unregistered "assault weapon" to the range. Similarly, unregistered 50 BMG is not legal.

Out of state shooters, don't bring military-pattern semiautomatics as they're almost sure to fall under the "assault weapon" ban. M1 Garands are OK, however. Having said all that about "assault rifles", there is provision in state law for out-of-state shooters to bring "assault rifles" to CA shooting events; anybody wants to try that out might want to read the statute for themselves and consult a lawyer-welcome to California.

Now, what is this going to cost you? Women, anyone under 21, and active military, reserves, and National Guard are given free admittance. Guys, 21 & older that are not in the military will be charged $45 for one day, $70 for the full weekend if they pre register here:

If they just show up at the door, it will be $50 for one day, and $80 for the weekend. In addition everyone pays range fees.
The range fees for Redwood Gun Club are as follows: $5.00 per person per day.

We shoot at 25m (82 ft) at a reduced size Army Qualification Target, scaled for 100, 200, 300, & 400 yd shooting.
We do not require the use of specialized gear, it really is a "run what you brung" shoot. We suggest the use of between .22 - 8mm rifles.

Iron sights, Tech-Sights, scopes, semi auto, bolt action, lever action, pump action, if you have it, & want to learn how to shoot it better, bring it!! If possible please bring a sling for your rifle preferably a loop sling or at least a 2 point sling of some sort.

Plan on shooting about 250 rounds of ammo, per rifle, per day. The range is our classroom, & we very much believe in teaching, & shooting. We will be shooting rain or shine

For more information on this shoot, please check here:

There are local motels if needed. Please see the above link.

We gather at lunch on site to explain the importance of April 19, 1775, and the beginnings of our country, & our Heritage.
Plan to bring a bag lunch both days.

I guarantee you will not want to miss this portion of the event. Come learn about the choices made by the men and women of Colonial America, and their final response to an oppressive King. See if you can see any comparisons that might be drawn between then & now.

No tracer ammo is allowed.
Please arrive for check in by 8:30am.
We recommend you bring: Sling; shooting jacket; elbow pads; shooting mat (or carpet remnant); water/drink bottles and a teachable attitude.

We have 30 spaces available, so hurry & get yourself pre-registered, so you do not miss out on this opportunity!!

For more info goto We'll see you there!!
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Re: Eureka, CA Appleseed February 20-21, 2010
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2010, 09:47:27 PM »
I just got home from Eureka's first Appleseed.  As with my first, a great day was had.  The weather even held, and we got sun all day with just a little wind.  It was a small showing, but we'll do better in April when we have another scheduled.  I know an after action report will be up later when the instructors get home, I just felt the need to chime in here.

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Re: Eureka, CA Appleseed February 20-21, 2010
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2010, 03:17:43 PM »
Bob 210,

The Eureka Shoot went great!  The instructors tuned into the students quickly and got everyone motivated.  The rain for Sunday turned into great sunshine.  I'm glad I was able to help get the Redwood Gun Club to sponsor the Shoot. I plan on attending the RGC Club meeting on Mar 8 to report my experiences. 

Just one thing.....  my shirt had a scissors cut on the back and seam split at the sleeve.  Could I get a replacement please, XL.