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Title: Download the National EVENTS Flyer Here!! (Check often)
Post by: CortJestir on August 27, 2009, 03:08:33 PM
The latest National Appleseed Flyer is attached below.

The current version is: Rev. April 30, 2012

You may compare the version described above with the date stamp in your version of the flyer to ensure you have the most recent version. The date stamp is located in the lower right corner of the flyer.

This flyer will be updated every other Wednesday with new shoots, modified dates, or canceled shoots, In addition, the flyer may be updated on an as needed basis due to corrections or for other reasons. So please be sure to check in here frequently to ensure you have the latest and greatest version before pumping out those copies and emails.

Shoot bosses, I/IITs, and Volunteers: If you notice any errors, please PM me or email CT at appleseedinfo dot org and I will edit and post a new flyer as soon as possible.

Please download, make as many copies as you can, and distribute them. Help get the word out! It's also a PDF - almost everyone can open it, so don't be shy with those emails either!

Happy (Appleseed) trails,