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Title: Sheridan WY Sept 18-19, 2021 Event ID 8125
Post by: BEEMER on September 21, 2021, 01:57:23 AM
 A big Thank you to the Sheridan County Sportsmans Association for providing a great place to shoot.  We had A terrific shoot with toasty weather & gusty winds on Saturday and Cool Runnings on Sunday, with showers. Excellent participants with good learning attitudes!  Anyone ?  Anyone? Bueller showed up and inconceivable manifested. :) ( Movie references) Fun conversations with participants and excellent stories shared.  Saw some Significant Improvement in many shooters. Natalie, almost got it on Saturday! Kaleb, great job ! Rifleman!  First Time. Keen, Saw some great groups after a rifle switch, it helps if you don't have fight with your equipment as much! Vance, you are building the skills, saw some very good groups, Hope you achieve Rifleman soon, perhaps next spring.  A Rifleman persists!  Cooper, remembering much of what you learned this Spring, I suppose if rodeo didn't get in the way... hang in there you can do it!  Jon, we hope your back heals up and you can finish the course, next spring.
Thanks to Mark Davis for showing up and showing how a rifleman does it and ice cream rewards! You Had to be there. Pine Ridge Puma showed up and showed us How Lucky We are ! Thanks for coming.  IIT Teacher_Lady, What a great demo model and knows things about history  Glad you came out to share and move towards becoming a full instructor.  Swede Shooter Marching along... Congratulations on your new promotion to IIT2. Nice job.  Pew Pew Pew things move more smoothly when you are here , Thanks for helping out. Wow, 4 Shoot Bosses and 2 IIT's What a Crew! Thanks  To every one for coming out.
I hope every one has a good winter, I'm looking forward to seeing you all next year, on the Appleseed trail.
Title: Re: Sheridan WY Sept 18-19, 2021 Event ID 8125
Post by: Pine Ridge Puma on September 21, 2021, 10:53:37 AM
Was really good to visit with old friends and meet new ones from the great patriotic states of Wyoming and Montana, where real, old- fashioned, down- to- earth Americans who love their country and appreciate what our forefathers did for us live!!!  Everyone of those in attendance knows they are LUCKY to be an American, and are proud of it!  It was encouraging to see dedicated youth who will be in charge of America one day who are really good citizens AND good with a rifle.  Thanks to Beemer and his crew for a nice weekend and thanks to all for attending.