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Title: October Field Shoot-26th
Post by: hawkeye on October 07, 2019, 09:48:41 AM
 The October Field shoot is the 26th, we will do the field as normal then we will set up pumpkins  with your favorite binary in it and shoot them. So bring your charlie brown pumpkins and join in the fun.

Start time 10:00am sharp! Safety briefing and instructions at this time.
Field shoots will be three courses of fire, The first course of fire will be from the prone at the firing line under the shelter and will have 8 targets with up to two shoots at each target. Targets are from 200 yards to 500 yards. This is not a timed event but shouldn't take too much time.
The 2nd course of fire will be in front of the line using a vehicle as a prop. This course of fire will have a pistol involved in the course of fire. You will be drawing the pistol from a holster and firing at targets before you ground the pistol and go to your rifle. This course of fire will take you out of your comfort zone as for as position goes,( leaning over a seat to shoot or shooting through a van).
The last course of fire will be 4 rounds at 4 targets shooting at the smallest targets from the 25 yard wall in front of the prone positions, you have 30 seconds to engage the targets. We will have a time to zero rifles before the shoot starts.
Any rifle 32 caliber or less with some magazine capacity will work. Most shooters use Military surplus or AR type rifles with Iron sights or a scope. We encourage iron sights to demonstrate your skill. We shoot at pop up targets and use spotters to call corrections. After the shoot is over we usually have a mad minute to shoot new rifles or improve skills.       
Cost is $20 per shooter under 21 and women are free.
This is a great shoot to attend after you get your Rifleman patch.
Title: Re: October Field Shoot-26th
Post by: hawkeye on October 11, 2019, 08:00:44 AM
I saw cheap pumpkins on sale at Wal-Mart.