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Title: Port Townsend, WA JCSA July 13-14 AAR
Post by: janer on June 28, 2019, 01:23:33 PM
This event is nearly sold out.  Looking forward to a great weekend!
Title: Re: Port Townsend, WA JCSA July 13-14 AAR
Post by: Earl on July 15, 2019, 11:48:33 PM
And for the official After Action Report you will have to see the Shoot Boss, Janer rocked on keeping me on target on time and off current political noise. I was honored to tell the 1st Strike of the Match, causing a shooter to ask if I had a degree in History. Well, I do, but not in American History (European and Asian). On day two I showed my traveling library and Paul Revere's Ride. And other books I found interesting and useful in learning about the Revolution (American Spring). Careful watching of the shooters in two AQTs, I notice firing while breathing and poor follow through on many. Still on day two most people were on course to grouping on target, working on smooth six steps in making the shot. I wish the elbow of the support arm were really under the rifle, I wish the shooting eyes were closer to the rear sight, and the optics farther forward since we aren't shooting from a bench. Everyone responded well to suggestions, but lots of study, dry practice and owning the six steps will produce the quality shooter most of you will become. I loved telling Hezikiah Wyman and the old Gray Mare for my Dangerous Old Man story. I hope you enjoyed the Appleseed Event, will return another day to refresh and qualify and you will bring a friend or two. To learn very much what America is about.
Title: Re: Port Townsend, WA JCSA July 13-14 AAR
Post by: janer on July 16, 2019, 03:24:24 PM
Twenty one enthusiastic folks showed up to improve their marksmanship and hear about their heritage as Americans. 
Many thanks to Jefferson County Sportsmen's Association for hosting this event.  They are very supportive of Appleseed and it is appreciated.

Saturday was mostly overcast but quite humid.  Sunday was sunny, but warmer and fatigue set in quickly by early afternoon.  The weather did not stop the groups from getting smaller and the AQT scores from improving.
Congratulations to three new riflemen, Keith (who got a little wet Saturday with a 210) ended with a high of 224.  John K. with a 220, and James S. with a 218.  Huzzah!  We also had 3 cleared redcoats on Sunday.

Lots of shooters in the Marksman and Sharpshooter range.  Keep working at it.  "A rifleman is persistent!".  Dry practice is your friend.

I hope to see you all soon at another event soon!
Title: Re: Port Townsend, WA JCSA July 13-14 AAR
Post by: maxwell on July 17, 2019, 12:35:23 AM
This was a great shoot, and it was a pleasure to work with some friends again, and to meet Tionico for the first time. Earl's Hezekiah Wyman was great, and probably the best telling of that story I've heard!

This was a great group of students to work with, and worth taking a couple days out of my vacation. It's rare to see so many people paying attention in history, let alone staying awake during my KD discussion on Sunday! Steve, sorry it took so long to get your support hand position correct with the AK, but thanks for persisting. Norm, we have a nice orange hat waiting for you after you get that Rifleman patch… Dean, thanks for bringing your dad along, and I hope to see you guys again. Brandon, sorry you could only make it one day, but thanks for making Appleseed your intro to marksmanship!

Everyone, dry practice is your friend: it's the only way the steady hold factors become comfortable, and you learn to drop into position, insert that EMPTY mag, and get NPOA. I'm not sure anyone ended up liking the sitting position, but here's a great video to review before you practice at home. (
Title: Re: Port Townsend, WA JCSA July 13-14 AAR
Post by: Shadow Catcher on October 14, 2019, 09:14:22 PM

As you saw, I came up 6 points short this weekend (Oct 12 & 13), but I'll be practicing more, and including a timer into my practice as well.
Thanks for both the July and October sessions!

Stay well.

Norm (Shadow Catcher)