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Title: Promo for Schools
Post by: saltypaws on September 25, 2015, 06:24:15 AM
I am looking for promotional material to take to the private and homeschool groups.

Everything I have found is heavily promoting marksmanship. Do we have anything that focuses more on the history and heritage? While I am not afraid of promo with modern rifles, most schools will probably be more willing to post on the wall or hand out to kids something with more historic battle implements of destruction.

I tried to post this in the promo section but all of the threads and topics are locked down. I am also looking for the current Trifold file to print out, is there one?

Please Advise
Title: Re: Promo for Schools
Post by: AR-Mike on September 30, 2015, 03:52:22 PM
Good idea saltypaws. O0
I have also wondered and searched the forum for some material to take to schools but haven't had any luck. All of my grandchildren are in public school and that is a problem within itself. I have considered sending ThePoet a pm to see if this something that the RWVA would prefer to create or set some guidelines for us and let us all create our own material. Just some ideas. Send me a pm if you get anywhere on this.

In Liberty,
(Alabama Instructor)
Title: Re: Promo for Schools
Post by: stoneknives on October 01, 2015, 11:19:46 AM
You might look at some of the LibertySeed material, as that part of the program is all based on the Story (3 Strikes).

This is the most current trifold I have on file and a few other bits that don't have modern weapons. The Fla flyers are designed by Mr D Cox (Three0Eight) he might be able to send you a template so you can create information sheets for your own location.