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Title: Checking in, and request
Post by: Viator on March 22, 2014, 09:40:02 PM
Hello all,

Appleseeder and Maryland native here, currently living in Maine. Attended my first (and so far only) Appleseed here in the Pine Tree State, and although I only made it through the first of two days (was sick as a dog the second day and had to stay home), it won't be my last! In fact, if or when I make Rifleman, I hope to walk the Instructor trail. But that's down the road a bit!

Right now, I'm trying to come home to Maryland. You may wonder about that: here we have Constitutional carry, no major restrictions on type of firearms or size of magazines, "shall issue" for CCW, etc. But I'm Maryland born and bred, and I feel the Chesapeake Bay, the rolling hills of my native Piedmont Plateau, and many other things calling me home. Not to mention have a lot of friends, and most of my family, in the Old Line State.

Here's the problem: in order to live, I need a job, and that's easier said than done. ideally, I'd like to do something having to do with marksmanship, freedom, and/or 2nd Amendment issues, but I know such positions are scarcer than hen's teeth. Most of what I've been doing since 1998 has had to do with outdoor or environmental education, at places like the Carroll County Outdoor School, Piney Run Park and Nature Center in Sykesville, Cunningham Falls State Park in Thurmont, natural resources conservation with the local chapter of Pheasants Forever, or sustainable agriculture education across the border up in Pennsylvania. I'm also a published writer and columnist, and a good public speaker. But I'm open to a range of options, at this point.

If anybody has any ideas, suggestions, or best of all, leads, I'd be most grateful. There are aspects of being up here in Maine that I like a lot (dark nights, clear air, and "lobstahs" among them), but I'm definitely ready to come home. My apologies if this post was in any way out of line, just hoping for a little help from my Appleseed "family"!  :-)


Tom (Viator)
Title: Re: Checking in, and request
Post by: Charles McKinley on March 22, 2014, 11:22:04 PM
Hi Tom,

It is definitely "When" you shoot the score.

Pennsylvania offers many of the things you like about Maine and could put you close to your family and friends.

There are a number of environmental jobs in PA.  Fire arms people don't seem to be very well liked in MD at the moment.  If you can work to change that that would be great.

Possibly look into doing political lobbying professionally.

I'm on the Western end of PA but there are a lot of AS family in the south east part of the state.

Let me know if I may be of assistance,

Title: Re: Checking in, and request
Post by: Viator on March 22, 2014, 11:43:57 PM
Thanks, Stand, for those encouraging words! And especially about the "When"!  :-)

Certainly haven't ruled PA out, especially in the south-central region (York-Adams Counties)... but of course, that'd be acquiescing to the situation in Maryland, rather than working to change it. Still, it's a good thought!

So is political work... hadn't really thought about that, but it's definitely a possibility.

Again, thank you, and if you know anybody in the York-Adams area or nearby, and don't mind passing my info on to them, I'd be grateful. Many thanks!

Title: Re: Checking in, and request
Post by: Unbridled Liberty on March 22, 2014, 11:56:18 PM

Check this out;  Hogue has a remote "firearm content writer" job open.

Title: Re: Checking in, and request
Post by: Viator on April 07, 2014, 12:54:13 PM
Darn!!! I may have missed this... checked the site, but did not see that position. Thanks for the link, though - now that I know it's there, I'll check it more often!