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Title: RWVA needs your help
Post by: Pain Killer on July 20, 2013, 02:31:50 PM
Please consider being the Libertyseed Coordinator in your State. We have been working on a Libertyseeds website, a forum, promotional materials and we have a list of over 40 people in 22 States including California that are willing to help with Libertyseeds. We need someone at the State level to help facilitate these issues. Basic job duties would be;

1.)   Promote Libertyseeds to schools, groups, organizations, etc.
2.)   Instruct, mentor and recruit other instructors to do Libertyseeds
3.)   Promote and recruit RWVA memberships, donations and sponsorships
4.)   Provide the IC in your state with educational support and materials for presenting the History

Please send me your contact information, including an email. You do not need to be a full instructor to apply for this position.