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Title: WI representatives contact information
Post by: Trisha on January 06, 2013, 01:37:20 PM
This is a place holder for our government officials contact information. If you have your representatives contact info please post it here.
Title: Re: WI representatives contact information
Post by: crash on January 07, 2013, 11:49:24 AM
Tom Larson  (has been to an applseed  ^:)^ )
67th district State Assembly

(608) 266-1194
Title: Re: WI representatives contact information
Post by: jrturbo on January 07, 2013, 11:58:45 AM
James F. Sensenbrenner - Wisconsin 5th district Congressman
Title: Re: WI representatives contact information
Post by: jrturbo on January 07, 2013, 12:10:37 PM
Ron Johnson - WI, U.S. Senator

Tammy  Baldwin - WI, U.S. Senator
Only phone at this point....  Be effective, call both offices. We (the taxpayers) are paying to have both offices staffed.  Might as well use them.

Washington, DC Office
1 Russell Courtyard
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-5653

Madison Office
 14 West Mifflin Street, Suite 207
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: 608-264-5338
Title: Re: WI representatives contact information
Post by: Johnnyappleseed on January 07, 2013, 01:16:14 PM
This link may be of value when contacting our reps ,it's possible our friends may use parts of it to deflect from the rush to judgement in passing useless gun bans.
Title: Re: WI representatives contact information
Post by: Wolfie226 on January 07, 2013, 01:21:59 PM
We talked about this at the IBC, but I thought having it in writing would be helpful.  --Wolfie226

The following was taken from another forum,  but has very good advice on contacting your representatives.  Thanks to Miller and Colycat for finding it!

Advice for those of you writing your Congressional delegation...

I spent six years working on Capitol Hill. One as a staff aide for a particular Senate committee, two as a legislative correspondent for a Senator, and three as a legislative aide for the same Senator.

For those of you who don't know, a legislative correspondent (LC) is basically a fancy title for a young twenty-something just out of college who receives the letters and emails that you write, and is usually the person who writes you back. Generally, Congressmen have one or two LC's who do all of their letters for every issue, while Senators have a whole team of LC's that handle letters for certain issues that they're assigned (IE: a military LC, a healthcare LC, an education LC, etc.). Here's a few things that I picked up as an LC that might help you should you choose to write your Congressional delegation:

* The "boss" will almost never read your letter directly unless they know you personally. But he/she will likely ask their LC's if they've been getting any mail on certain issues. My boss used to ask if we did almost daily whenever there was a hot issue being discussed on the Hill, and would want to know what percentage of it was for or against the issue. Believe me, if a majority of the letters they are receiving are against gun control legislation, they will hear about it.

* Don't send form letters. Form letters are letters that special interest groups will send in on your behalf. You'll usually get them in an email and all you have to do is type in your name and hit 'send.' They all look identical, and the staff knows that you put absolutely zero thought into the issue, and therefore will assume that you probably don't give that big of a Sh*t. When the boss asks if he's getting any mail on a certain issue, he often asks how much of it is form letters, and how much of it is real letters. Real letters (while rarely read by the member of Congress) are still a lot more powerful in the grand scheme of things.

* Don't use snail mail. Everything that gets sent into Capitol Hill has to go through the Capitol Police and is scanned for bombs and anthrax. It usually takes weeks for it to get to its destination, and more often than not, the issue is long over by the time it gets there.

* Don't be a dick. The kid who reads your letter makes about $25K a year and lives in one of the most expensive cities in the country. He spends all day getting yelled out by assholes, and he's just as likely to toss your letter to the side and forget about it for a few weeks as he is to respond to it. Be professional, but make your concerns heard.

* Keep it short and sweet. Remember, the Senator/Congressman will most likely never see your letter, and the guy who will see it spends all day reading long, drawn out sob stories that basically all say the same thing. He doesn't need your life story. A few sentences will do just fine. Let him know you care enough to write your own letter, but keep it short enough to not bore him to death.

Keep in mind, this is what MY old office did. Other offices do things differently, and some offices couldn't care less about mail one way or the other (Boxer and Feinstein were notorious for not giving two Sh*ts about their mail or phone calls). If you do have a few mintues to spare, however, take the time to write in (especially if your member is a Democrat). It can, and often does make a difference.

Anyways, I hope this helps.

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Title: Re: WI representatives contact information
Post by: jrturbo on January 07, 2013, 01:42:49 PM
Wisconsin State Legislators and their staff:

District Number 3
Senator Tim Carpenter
(608) 266-8535   Capitol 310 South
Russell DeLong
Gordon Ewy
Scott May
Nate Schwantes
District Number 2
Senator Robert Cowles
(608) 266-0484   Capitol 118 South
Toni Herkert
Jason Mugnaini
Ryan Smith
Anna Watson
Katie White
District Number 15
Senator Tim Cullen
(608) 266-2253   Capitol 108 South
Kelley Flury
Jim Stoa
Ben Van Pelt
District Number 8
Senator Alberta Darling
(608) 266-5830   Capitol 316 East
Bob Delaporte
Andrew Evenson
Nick Kitzman
Jelena Radich
Heather Smith
Kasie Williams
District Number 19
Senator Michael Ellis
(608) 266-0718   Capitol 220 South
Michael Boerger
Scott Kelly
Lynn Nelson
Kay Reetz
Kurt Schultz
District Number 27
Senator Jon Erpenbach
(608) 266-6670   Capitol 104 South
Kelly Becker
Tryg Knutson
Julie Laundrie
District Number 33
Senators Paul Farrow
(608) 266-9174   Capitol 323 South
Andrew Gustafson
Douglas Lundgren
Jacob Margis
Scott Rausch
District Number 13
Senator Scott Fitzgerald
(608) 266-5660   Capitol 211 South
Cindy Block
Eric Bott
Tom Evenson
Tad Ottman
Rob Richard
Dan Romportl
District Number 20
Senator Glenn Grothman
(608) 266-7513   Capitol 10 South
Lance Burri
Michael Murphy
Rachel VerVelde
District Number 18
Senators Rick Gudex
(608) 266-5300   Capitol 409 South
Angela Hodkiewicz
Tim Lakin
Shawn Smith
District Number 30
Senator Dave Hansen
(608) 266-5670   Capitol 106 South
Jessica Lundquist
Charles Schultz
Jay Wadd
John Wagnitz
District Number 6
Senators Nikiya Harris
(608) 266-2500   Capitol
Lisa Bahr
David Crowley
Cindy McGinnis
District Number 10
Senator Sheila Harsdorf
(608) 266-7745   Capitol 18 South
Brooke Froelich
Brittany Lewin
Matt Woebke
District Number 25
Senator Robert Jauch
(608) 266-3510   Capitol 415 South
Jeff Buhrandt
Steven Kulig
Lisa Lundquist
District Number 11
Senator Neal Kedzie
(608) 266-2635   Capitol 313 South
Dan Johnson
Michelle Osdene
Katie Scott
Doug Wheaton
District Number 7
Senator Chris Larson
(608) 266-7505   Capitol 206 South
Sarah Barry
Lacy Langbecker
Gillian Morris
Shannon Powell
Greg Renden
Justin Sargent
Ashley Siefert
District Number 1
Senator Frank Lasee
(608) 266-3512   Capitol 316 South
Lars Fiorio
Robert Kovach
John Vander Leest
District Number 24
Senator Julie Lassa
(608) 266-3123   Capitol 126 South
Jessica Ford Kelly
Mark Knickelbine
Danielle Williams
Ritch Williams
District Number 28
Senator Mary Lazich
(608) 266-5400   Capitol 8 South
Brittany Brzenk
Tricia Sieg
District Number 21
Senators John Lehman
(608) 266-1832   Capitol 5 South
Geoffrey Gaston
Beau Stafford
Denise Stromme
District Number 9
Senator Joe Leibham
(608) 266-2056   Capitol 15 South
Alex Hansen
Lucas Moench
Katy Prange
District Number 16
Senator Mark Miller
(608) 266-9170   Capitol 7 South
John Anderson
Elizabeth Bier
Bridget Esser
Liz Trevino
Liz Trevino
Brad Wojciechowski
District Number 23
Senator Terry Moulton
(608) 266-7511   Capitol 306 South
Nathan Duerkop
Mark Morgan
W. Scott Nelson
Hilary Shaw
District Number 14
Senator Luther Olsen
(608) 266-0751   Capitol 319 South
Sarah Archibald
Amy Harriman
Dee Pettack
Mary Pluta
District Number 29
Senators Jerry Petrowski
(608) 266-2502   Capitol 123 South
Dan Alamillo
Tim Fiocchi
Lane Oling
Derek Punches
District Number 26
Senator Fred Risser
(608) 266-1627   Capitol 130 South
Sarah Briganti
Dianne Cieslewicz
Cassie Jurenci
Terry Tuschen
District Number 17
Senator Dale Schultz
(608) 266-0703   Capitol 122 South
Todd Allbaugh
Joe Hasler
Tom Jackson
Sanchit Mulmuley
District Number 32
Senator Jennifer Shilling
(608) 266-5490   Capitol 20 South
Kurt Herrera-Heintz
Nathan Houdek
Alex Madorsky
Tony Palese
Kara Pennoyer
District Number 4
Senator Lena Taylor
(608) 266-5810   Capitol 19 South
Gary Bennett
Michael Laird
Eric Peterson
Jazmine Pinel
District Number 12
Senators Tom Tiffany
(608) 266-2509   Capitol
Jennifer Esser
Eric Searing
Nathan Simmons
Tyler Wenzlaff
District Number 31
Senator Kathleen Vinehout
(608) 266-8546   Capitol 22 South
Linda Kleinschmidt
Benjamin Larson
Joel Nilsestuen
District Number 5
Senator Leah Vukmir
(608) 266-2512   Capitol 131 South
Jason Booth
Dean Cady
Lucas Fuller
Jason Rostan
District Number 22
Senator Robert Wirch
(608) 267-8979   Capitol 127 South
Steven Gillitzer
Paula McGuire
Stephen Pienkos
Senate Chief Clerk's Office
Senate Chief Clerk's Office
(608) 266-2517   Capitol B20 South
Sarah Burhop
Meggan Foesch
Elizabeth Jones-Queensland
Cindy Marecek
Michael Marquardt
Dennis Nelson
Rachel Veum
Gina Ward
Human Resources Staff:
Mark Kaeppel
Lisa Maffet
Joye Monroe
Heidi Sarnow
Yen Tuong
Title: Re: WI representatives contact information
Post by: Trig on January 08, 2013, 12:36:34 AM
Excelent work! Thanks for all the contacts Todd!  now where is my pen...
Title: Re: WI representatives contact information
Post by: jrturbo on January 17, 2013, 04:58:59 PM
Wisconsin State Reps and their staff:

District Number 32
Representative Tyler August
(608) 266-1190 Capitol 119 West
Matt Adamczyk
Luke Bacher
District Number 41
Representative Joan Ballweg
(608) 266-8077 Capitol 210 North
Bethany Anderson
Adam Mellenberger
Vincent Williams
District Number 64
Representative Peter Barca
(608) 266-5504 Capitol 201 West
Melanie Conklin
Matt Egerer
Cathy Friedl
Erik Greenfield 
Rich Judge
Thaddeus McGuire
District Number 11
Representative Mandela Barnes
(608) 266-3756 Capitol 9 West
John Jacobson
District Number 77
Representative Terese Berceau
(608) 266-3784 Capitol 104 North
Lloyd Clark
Traci Peloquin
District Number 57
Representative Penny Bernard Schaber
(608) 266-3070 Capitol 126 North
Eric Koch
Greg Packnett
District Number 68
Representative Kathy Bernier
(608) 266-9172 Capitol 107 West
Linda Palmer
Chad Zuleger
District Number 74
Representative Janet Bewley
(608) 266-7690 Capitol 322 North
Joseph Hoey
Lori Youngman 
District Number 1
Representative Garey Bies
(608) 266-5350 Capitol 216 North
Cory Bruce
Tyler Sivret
District Number 95
Representative Jill Billings
(608) 266-5780 Capitol 307 West
Kathy Divine
Chris McKinny 
Mike VanDenHeuvel
District Number 39
Representative Mark Born
(608) 266-2540 Capitol 312 North
John Cronin
District Number 50
Representative Ed Brooks
(608) 266-8531 Capitol 20 North
Terri Griffiths
District Number 81
Representative Fred Clark
(608) 266-7746 Capitol 122 North
Andy Gill
Linda Hanson
District Number
Assembly Chief Clerk Patrick Fuller
(608) 266-1501 17 West Main St 401
Greg Anderson 
Jennifer Taylor  
District Number 83
Representative David Craig
(608) 266-3363 Capitol 127 West
Amy Lewis
Nathan Schacht 
District Number 35
Representative Mary Czaja
(608) 266-7694 Capitol 15 West
Emily Loe
District Number 92
Representative Chris Danou
(608) 266-7015 Capitol 107 North
Dan Carpenter
Bradford Steine
District Number 94
Representative Steve Doyle
(608) 266-0631 Capitol 124 North
Margie Berkowitz
Lori Whitmore  
District Number 26
Representative Mike Endsley
(608) 266-0656 Capitol 219 North
Lauren Clark
Rusty Schultz
District Number 90
Representative Eric Genrich
(608) 266-0616 Capitol 304 West
Steve Peters
District Number 18
Representative Evan Goyke
(608) 266-0645 Capitol 412 North
Ryan Knocke
District Number 46
Representative Gary Hebl
(608) 266-7678 Capitol 120 North
Benjamin Brand
Traci Bussan
Mike Murray
District Number 79
Representative Dianne Hesselbein
Capitol 9 North
Susan Meinholz 
District Number 54
Representative Gordon Hintz
(608) 266-2254 Capitol 109 West
Cecely Castillo  
Emily Pritzkow 
District Number 21
Representative Mark Honadel
(608) 266-0610 Capitol 113 West
Bonnie Deering 
Jason Vick
District Number 78
Representative Brett Hulsey
(608) 266-7521 Capitol 5 North
Greg Koutnik
Terri Zimmerman
District Number 13
Representative Rob Hutton
(608) 267-9836 Capitol 3 North
Phillip Pratt
District Number 2
Representative Andre Jacque
(608) 266-9870 Capitol 123 West
Jolene Churchill
Jamie Julian
District Number 37
Representative John Jagler
(608) 266-9650 Capitol 316 North
Mark Florian
District Number 43
Representative Andy Jorgensen
(608)266-3790 Capitol 113 North
Tom Kelly
Luanne Kostelic
Rebekah Sweeney
District Number 47
Representative Robb Kahl
(608) 266-8570 Capitol 7 West
Michael Tierney
District Number 99
Representative Chris Kapenga
(608) 266-3007 Capitol 220 North
Lindsey Brabender
Erik Kanter
District Number 55
Representative Dean Kaufert
(608) 266-5719 Capitol 15 North
Adam Field
Ben Kohn
District Number 61
Representative Samantha Kerkman
(608) 266-2530 Capitol 315 North
Alison Morrell
Tami Rongstad  
District Number 12
Representative Frederick Kessler
(608) 266-5813 Capitol 128 North
Sharon Little
Christina Tenuta
Ritch Williams  
District Number 27
Representative Steve Kestell
(608) 266-8530 Capitol 212 North
Chris Kulow
Annie Wood
District Number 38
Representative Joel Kleefisch
(608) 266-8551 Capitol 307 North
Jessica Berg
Rick Braun
District Number 88
Representative John Klenke
(608) 266-0485 Capitol 306 East
Matt Henkel
Ariana Ringelstetter
District Number 24
Representative Dan Knodl
(608) 266-3796 Capitol 218 North
Mark Austinson
BJ Dernbach
District Number 30
Representative Dean Knudson
(608) 266-1526 Capitol 320 East
Tim Lundquist  
Matt Rossetto
District Number 44
Representative Debra Kolste
(608) 266-7503 Capitol 8 North
Steve Engelbert 
District Number 14
Representative Dale Kooyenga
(608) 266-9180 Capitol 321 East
Rachel Geary
William Neville 
District Number 97
Representative Bill Kramer
(608) 266-8580 Capitol 103 West
Curt David
Adam Neylon
Carol Redell
Cameron Sholty
District Number 72
Representative Scott Krug
(608) 266-0215 Capitol 208 North
Dan Posca
Randy Thorson 
District Number 84
Representative Mike Kuglitsch
(608) 267-5158 Capitol 129 West
Niccole Arsiniega
Matt Spencer
District Number 67
Representative Tom Larson
(608) 266-1194 Capitol 18 West
Lindsay Kamnetz
Matt Pulda
District Number 59
Representative Daniel LeMahieu
(608) 266-9175 Capitol 304 East
Jeffrey Grothman
Danielle Zimmerman
District Number 31
Representative Amy Loudenbeck
(608) 266-9967 Capitol 209 North
Theresa Allen-Hubka
Lonna Morouney
District Number 51
Representative Howard Marklein
(608) 266-7502 Capitol 214 North
Scott Coenen
Crystal Lee
District Number 66
Representative Cory Mason
(608) 266-0634 Capitol 6 North
Linda Hanson (608) 266-0634
Vicky Selkowe  
Amy Wiesner
District Number 73
Representative Nick Milroy
(608) 266-0640 Capitol 11 West
Mary Lou Keleher
Lori Youngman           lori.youngman2@legis.wisconsin.go
District Number 56
Representative Dave Murphy
(608) 266-7500 Capitol 304 North
Diane Handrick 
District Number 36
Representative Jeffrey Mursau
(608) 266-3780 Capitol 18 North
Tim Gary
Hillary Vedvig  
District Number 29
Representative John Murtha
(608) 266-7683 Capitol 309 North
Jake Rosemeyer
Alicia Schneider
District Number 33
Representative Stephen Nass
(608) 266-5715 Capitol 12 West
Adam Gibbs
Mike Mikalsen  
District Number 96
Representative Lee Nerison
(608) 266-3534 Capitol 310 North
Tom Lyons
Sandra Smith-Loomans
District Number 89
Representative John Nygren
(608) 266-2343 Capitol 309 East
Lindsi Ertel
Jennifer Malcore
Joe Malkasian
Nels Rude
Jeff Schoenfeldt
District Number 65
Representative Tod Ohnstad
(608) 266-0455 Capitol 420 North
Joanna Beilman-Dulin
District Number 3
Representative Alvin Ott
(608) 266-5831 Capitol 323 North
Maureen Kraak 
Erin Ruby
District Number 23
Representative Jim Ott
(608) 266-0486 Capitol 317 North
Ryan Augustyn 
Virginia Mueller
District Number 10
Representative Sandy Pasch
(608) 266-7671 Capitol 119 North
Scott Adrian
Chelsea Domer  
Frederic Ludwig
District Number 40
Representative Kevin Petersen
(608) 266-3794 Capitol 105 West
Deborah Bowers
Jim Bowers
District Number 93
Representative Warren Petryk
(608) 266-0660 Capitol 306 North
Marcie Malszycki
Libby Muller
District Number 80
Representative Sondy Pope
(608) 266-3520 Capitol 111 North
Paul Anderson  
Tom McCarthy  
District Number 22
Representative Don Pridemore
(608) 267-2367 Capitol 318 North
Liz Pusch
Bill Savage
District Number 19
Representative Jon Richards
(608) 266-0650 Capitol 118 North
Christian Moran
Adrienne Ramirez
District Number 7
Representative Daniel Riemer
(608) 266-1733 Capitol 409 North
Dave Groshek
District Number 45
Representative Janis Ringhand
(608) 266-1192 Capitol 321 West
Maggie Gau
Patrick Walsh
District Number 42
Representative Keith Ripp
(608) 266-3404 Capitol 223 North
Elisabeth DeBeck
Colette Shepherd-Bussan
District Number 15
Representative Joe Sanfelippo
(608) 266-0620 Capitol 21 North
Joshua Hoisington
District Number 48
Representative Melissa Sargent
(608) 266-0960 Capitol 8 West
Aaron Collins
District Number 53
Representative Michael Schraa
(608) 267-7990 Capitol 22 West
Brandon VerVelde
District Number 28
Representative Erik Severson
(608) 267-2365 Capitol 221 North
AJ Scholz
Kristen Wall
District Number 71
Representative Katrina Shankland
(608) 267-9649 Capitol 418 North
Annika Petty
District Number 20
Representative Christine Sinicki
(608) 266-8588 Capitol 114 North
Mary Beth George
Greg Packnett
District Number 75
Representative Stephen Smith
(608) 266-2519 Capitol 4 West
Christian Plata
District Number 86
Representative John Spiros
(608) 266-1182 Capitol 17 North
Katherine Bates
District Number 5
Representative Jim Steineke
(608) 266-2418 Capitol 204 North
Hannah Huffman
Jillian Knott
Jon Turke
District Number 82
Representative Jeffrey Stone
(608) 266-8590 Capitol 314 North
Marsha Dake
Justin Phillips
District Number 58
Representative Pat Strachota
(608) 264-8486 Capitol 324 East
Trevor Ford
Heather Moore  
District Number 60
Representative Duey Stroebel
(608) 267-2369 Capitol 207 North
Lauren Kiesow  
John Soper
District Number 69
Representative Scott Suder
(608) 267-0280 Capitol 115 West
James Emerson  
Bob Karius
Vanessa Morrone
Mitchel Ohly
Jessica Ward
District Number 70
Representative Amy Sue Vruwink
(608) 266-8366 Capitol 112 North
Karl Franzen
Erin Pollocoff
District Number 34
Representative Rob Swearingen
(608) 266-7141 Capitol 19 North
Dan Perchinsky 
District Number 6
Representative Gary Tauchen
(608) 266-3097 Capitol 13 West
Craig Arrowood
Derrick Scherdell
District Number 76
Representative Chris Taylor
(608) 266-5342 Capitol 306 West
Craig Trost
Patrick Walsh
District Number 52
Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt
(608) 266-3156 Capitol 16 West
Hariah Hutkowski
Meagan Matthews
District Number 25
Representative Paul Tittl
(608) 266-0315 Capitol 21 North
Steve Hall
District Number 17
Representative La Tonya Johnson
(608) 266-5580 Capitol 303 West
Christian Ullsvik
District Number 49
Representative Travis Tranel
(608) 266-1170 Capitol 308 North
Jeff Curry
Stephanie Louis
District Number 63
Representative Robin Vos
(608) 266-9171 Capitol 211 West
Kit Beyer
Justin Cleveland
Janine Hale
Andrew Hanus  
Nick Probst
Elizabeth Smasal
Craig Summerfield
Jenny Toftness  
District Number 91
Representative Dana Wachs
(608) 266-7461 Capitol 302 North
Bob Meyer
District Number 62
Representative Tom Weatherston
(608) 266-0731 Capitol 109 West
John Leiber
District Number 4
Representative Chad Weininger
(608) 266-5840 Capitol 125 West
Kirsten Seeman 
Holly Walker
District Number 87
Representative Mary Williams
(608) 266-7506 Capitol 17 West
Charlie Bellin
Linda Junck
District Number 85
Representative Mandy Wright
(608) 266-0654 Capitol 10 West
Steve Potter
District Number 16
Representative Leon Young
(608) 266-3786 Capitol 11 North
Greg Stewart
Dajanae Vaughan
District Number 8
Representative JoCasta Zamarripa
(608) 267-7669 Capitol 320 West
Andy Janssen
Mike VanDenHeuvel
District Number 9
Representative Josh Zepnick
(608) 266-1707 Capitol 7 North
George Gillis
Ryan Schroeder
Assembly Chief Clerk Patrick Fuller
(608) 266-1501 17 West Main St 401
Kay Inabnet
Bob Johnston
Laura Jones
Julie Martyn
Julanne Riley
Jay Salvo
Doris Vande Loo
Jeryn Veserat
Human Resources
Mark Kaeppel
Lisa Maffet
Joye Monroe
Heidi Sarnow
Yen Tuong
Title: Re: WI representatives contact information
Post by: Trig on January 18, 2013, 10:56:39 AM
This is getting to be a lot of info... maybe I'll try to put it in a spreadsheet.  Also they are all listed as district numbers but no geographic indicators. 

any ideas on better ways to organize all this data?
Title: Re: WI representatives contact information
Post by: jrturbo on January 18, 2013, 11:33:48 AM
I just cut and pasted from the Wisconsin government website.   

Here is a link to find out who is your representative by address:

It would be good to drop the two long lists that I posted into a spread sheet and sort them numerically by district.

I suppose you could use the search function in a spread sheet to get there quickly....

Title: Re: WI representatives contact information
Post by: Trig on January 22, 2013, 09:38:06 AM
Thanks for the link.  I will try to make a sticky with just the link so new seeders can get easy access to it, and find their representatives easily.
Title: Re: WI representatives contact information
Post by: Trig on January 25, 2013, 11:35:21 AM
Another great tool for contacting our representatives, I will link to the thread that already discusses it, but check it out!