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Title: Appleseed display for office
Post by: Fabricator on October 09, 2012, 07:56:02 PM

    While discussing Appleseed with a local gun shop owner/friend, I asked him if I could set up a small promotional display in his store here in my hometown of Gainesville GA.   I haven't finished the parts for him yet, but made my shop office the Guinea pig.  I am looking for ideas/critique, and was thinking of making a small display for brochures, headed up with the flier.  Nearby/incorporated, I was thinking about a wall-pocket full of "redcoats" or "Quick-N-dirty's".  I will take care of making sure they stay stocked, and may place a note to the tune of whatever the target cost is, as I am not interested in making a profit, just insuring their availability. 

    Below is the first thing visitors to my fabrication and machine shop see when they walk into the office:


   Within minutes of setting it up, I was visited by a pair of Hall County GA Sheriff's officers that were inquiring about the steel targets we make for their range; the Appleseed targets caught their eye; a great conversation about the discipline of rifle marksmanship and history resulted.   They left with several AQT's, a few Redcoats and a smile that promised they would give them a try!   I hope this is acceptable and look forward to input into making it more streamlined. 

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Title: Re: Appleseed display for office
Post by: colycat on October 10, 2012, 10:37:07 AM
Looks great. as do the custom SS target holders O0