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Title: What to bring
Post by: artkat2 on January 05, 2012, 12:32:21 AM
There are multiple posts here in the lobby about what to bring, to simplify matters a checklist has been created in PDF to load and print (see attachment below)..

The other topics in the lobby still contain valuable information so don't ignore them if you are still in the "research" phase of your Appleseed experience. When you decide to come out and learn what a Rifleman is made of, 237 years ago as well as now, print out this checklist and you will show up prepared to "show those Redcoats a thing or two!" err, I mean learn about the history and heritage that makes this country great!

This list is not all inclusive for every body. If you have a unique medical condition, you should know what to bring for your application. For Adaptive Appleseeders (ADA) read this;  Adaptive Appleseed Admissions Manual (