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Title: Down 'n' Dirty Guide- a quick guide to what will be asked.
Post by: desertrat144 on April 12, 2010, 12:21:55 AM
NOTE: Please read the A.AS Admissions Manual attached below at the bottom of the page.

Down 'n' Dirty Guide

Did the person: ? Pre-register? ? Register as Disabled? ?
If NO, quickly assess whether or not the individual will be able to do the COF by further discussion of it, AS expectations of a shooter, and what the shooter must do during this time. 
? Remind about NO CONCEALED CARRY Policy.
? Remind them that the SB is the final AS authority at the shoot.
Proof of Disability
Veterans- Thank them for their service regardless of age:
1. A current VA Card (used for appointments, has name & picture)
   a. Service Connected (SC) will only need to show this card, as long as it shows this status.
2. Non Service Connected (NSC) also a current Disabled Veteran's group membership card (i.e. Paralyzed Veterans of America, Disabled American Veterans (non- Auxiliary), or another disabled national service group) whose full membership is based on personal disability or,
   a. Any state or federal letters granting a Veteran's exemption, such as    hunting/fishing license, disabled placards or license plates, State Drivers    License that indicates a disability, or Property Tax exemption. 
Civilians (other than Veterans)
1. A current Disabled Group membership card, showing 'Full Membership' in your name, and the membership is based on personal disability or,
a. Any state or federal letters granting a Disability Exemption, such as a hunting/fishing license, disabled placards or license plates, State Drivers License that indicates a disability, or Property Tax exemption, a current Medic Alert or nationally recognized equal card or letter. 
Other Issues
? Vision: wear glasses, or brought proper eye protection?
? Medications: side effects- severe tinnitus, appear intoxicated, etc.?
? Are ground/range conditions doable if non-walking?
? Hearing: use hearing aids, identify any problems as appropriate.  Did they bring proper ear protection even if deaf?  Inform SB if necessary.

When in doubt about ID offered, or ability to participate, i.e. hearing issues, needs specialized equipment but didn't bring it, etc. report this to the SB for final decisions.
Remind them again about Concealed Carry, the SB as Final Authority, and that any adaptive medically necessary equipment use will not disqualify them from the Rifleman Patch if they shoot the required scores, nor will not being able to shoot from certain positions if medically unable.


You've arrived at this page by clicking on the Disabled Veteran or Disabled Button at the Even Bright page.  By filling out the information here, the Appleseed Instructors will receive a 'heads up' that a disabled shooter will be attending.  Please note this will not be identifiable to you individually.
Once at the shoot, please evaluate the range - can you get to the targets, shade, rest rooms, etc.  If the range & facilities look doable, locate the Shoot Boss (Green Ball Cap), or the assigned Instructor (they wear marked Orange or Red Ball Caps) handling the checking in.  If they are being mobbed, pick an outer lane that is friendly to how you get around - you will have part of the firing lectures delivered at the 25 meter line, or further out if full distance is used. Otherwise, check in; they will assign someone to review the documentation required, and get into more detail about how they assist you.  This portion will occur well away from everyone else.  Notes will be made, but not identified to you.  You will get the copy of the notes back at the end of the first days shoot or earlier if you have to leave. It is your responsibility to bring any adaptive equipment needed.
Please note that if the shooter does not complete the prerequisites, Appleseed will not in any way be obligated to admit the shooter into the event, and the shooter will (with a high probability) be turned away.
The Shoot Boss has the Final Say on whether or not to admit an individual, or accept ID offered.

I will be (check appropriate box):  ??Participating   ??Assisting a shooter   ??Observing
Disability type: Paraplegic, Amputee, Other: ____________________________________________________________________________
Movement Impaired:  What type assistance do you use?  Scooter, wheel chair, other: ____________________________________________________________________________
What type of vehicle do you use?   Regular, Ramp Van, other: ____________________________________________________________________________
Special Parking needed:  _______________________________________________________
Medication side effects:  burn easily, cause tremors, other: ____________________________________________________________________________

This PLEASE NOTEthat Appleseed is not concerned about specific medication types, however if you appear to be intoxicated after use, you will be asked to leave the firing line. Again, everyone's safety.