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Title: Attention Ohio - Help Open the NY DAR
Post by: Nut Farmer on October 24, 2009, 03:18:05 AM
Ohio neighbors, please consider coming next weekend to the first Appleseed at the first DAR in NY (hopefully more to follow).  It's being held Halloween weekend here in my farm between Buffalo and Rochester NY.  A staight shot east up around the Lake on Rt. 90 - great roads, make great time.  I'm offer

Just an update.  We already have some folks staying in the pole barn (not much of a barn really) this weekend.  Room for plenty more.  The heat is provided by Another D.O.M. with a new high efficiency propane heater.  The tanks will be outside for additional camper safety.  You'll want a cot or good ground pad as the floor is concrete (very new and clean though).  Please be my guest and come for the weekend as my guest if that helps bring some more folks here on the forum to come that extra distance if they can camp for free.  At least I hope that's the effect. :)

Everyone is welcome to arrive anytime Friday 10/30 - facilities will be open for Appleseeders and Instructors as soon as it gets light out.  The outhouse is brand new and I will have running water and a utility sink to wash dishes hands etc.  I will also help and bring buckets of hot water when needed as well.  Down the road I hope for a propane portable water heater so we'll have hot water too at the sink.

Everything is new and clean, come help break in these new facilities.  Attached is the flyer.  Please pass along to all that may be interested.

How about all you folks within a reasonable drive of Buffalo/Rochester, NY -

Eastern Ohio   - I'm not that far from you on Interstate 90.  My farm is just 15 minutes on a very good road (Rt. 98) north of the Batavia, NY exit.