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What People Are Saying About Appleseed

Dave Kopel of Oppossing Views - Appleseed Project is a civics responsibility organization.

The Iron Brigade Armory thinks well of Appleseed: "And when I say two days, I mean 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM of solid shooting, analysis, drills, lectures, shooting and shooting. This was not a course for the faint of heart. However, not only was the instruction very good, the whole program was wrapped in history and tradition, which was particularly appealing to my personal interests. The way that the story of April 19, 1775 and the start of the revolutionary war was woven and intertwined with our regimen of instruction was well done and entertaining, if not enlightening." See what else they are saying.

Swat Magazine has an article that describes an Appleseed Shoot.

See what's being said about Appleseed here

"My son and I attended the Wabash Appleseed over the weekend and I just wanted to thank everyone involved with setting up and running this fine program. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the instructors (Fred and Guy) and the quality rifle training presented in just two short days."

"I am a US Army combat veteran who's been through the Army's Basic Rifle Marksmanship and Advanced Rifle Marksmanship programs not to mention various live fire couses and even jungle snap fire training courses in Panama. I have to say that this two day program is hands down the best rifle training I've ever received. Not to mention the added bonus of a Revolutionary War history lesson which I thoroughly enjoyed. I've just returned from the library where I checked out two books on the American Revolution. I'm ashamed that I didn't know more about the brave men who founded this country. You've opened my eyes to what needs to be done to turn this country around. I'm proud of my hard earned Rifleman badge and I'm proud to call myself a rifleman. Thank you for what your doing and God Bless you."

David J., Proud Rifleman
Middletown, Indiana

"...thank you for the excellent training, and for re-energizing my commitment to becoming a rifleman. I feel like I learned more in the first thirty shots on Saturday than I have in years prior! It was a real pleasure to have met everyone and worked together for the weekend, and I hope to see you again at a later date."

From the Forum

"Good morning! I attended the Appleseed in Ottawa last weekend, which was an outstanding experience, aside from the rain of course. This was the first firearm training in which I have ever participated and the quality of the instructors and the activities throughout the course are top notch! While I did not shoot “Rifleman”, I learned a great deal, improved my abilities and now have the tools needed to continue improving. I definitely plan in attending another session or sessions in the future, and will recommend it to everyone I know who is interested in learning a little more about our history and how to more accurately shoot a rifle.

Chris S.
Lindenhurst , IL

"I debated about making the long drive from southern California, thinking it might not be worth the trip, and that I wouldn't learn enough to justify the expense.

"I'm glad I lost the argument with myself...
"I'm glad I came.
"I learned more than I expected.
"I now shoot better than I ever expected.
"And when I get a little more used to the positions, I will be a Rifleman. I will...
"No more being a cook for me."

Appleseed participant, Medford, OR

"I attended the Orlando Appleseed shoot over the weekend. First, let me say that if you ever have the chance to go to an Appleseed, by all means do so! Those of us newbies learned riflery from some really first-class instructors. Even the seasoned hands learned a thing or two."

Ceetee on the forum

"In the closing days of 2006, I penned a short article listing a few of my New Year Resolutions:

  1. Become a Rifleman
  2. Compliment my handgun skills with some long arm abilities

To begin my journey, I read as much as I could. My spoiled, lazy rear convinced me that would be sufficient during the first cold months of an Ohio winter and I was on my way. I could not have been more wrong. That complacent attitude was officially banished this past weekend when I attended an Appleseed Shoot sponsored by the fine folks at the Revolutionary War Veterans Association (RWVA).

I went from having fired twenty rounds of centerfire rifle ammunition in my life to consistently hitting (simulated) 400 yard targets with iron sights and a .30-caliber long arm after only two days of Appleseed instruction."

From MeanStreaker on forum

"I attended the Saturday 2-24-07 session of the Ramseur, NC Appleseed AQT shoot, sponsored by the (RWVA) Revolutionary War Veterans Association. This was an outstanding event and I learned a great deal from the instructors and greatly improved my rifleman's skills. I also satisfied the CMP affiliated club and shooting requirements.

"If you are not fimilar with this organization and what it stands for you really need to check it out. If you want to be a true rifleman and improve your shooting you should attend an Appleseed shoot in your area."

JimCope on the

I had a great time shooting last month at Proctor, VT.  I really want to thank you for doing this.  I want to thank Fred  for his gentle prodding over the last few years that finally got me to the range.  Thank You 

From Greg S.
Proctor, VT Appleseed

I would like to thank all the instructors, the range host & co-attendees at the Appleseed for their extreme patience with a nearly blind dad & his very nervous young son! It was great to meet each of you & the learning was worth much more than the few $$$ paid for attendance.

Having a third party work with my son was fantastic - it took the pressure off of him and allowed him to end the first day hopping up & down to come back the second day. Now that the ice has been broken - he'll be much more at ease going with me to a local range to plink at targets.

Thanks again to everyone involved! I'll see ya'll again at another one!

To anyone who is 'on the fence' about attending - GO. You can read, study & practice 'your way'... or you can go somewhere and learn how to do things right.

Appleseeds will teach you how to do things right!

From the Forum

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