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Current Appleseed Schedule for the State of California

Please note: See our pricing information for the cost to attend an Appleseed Event.

NOTE : Online registration ends 24 hours prior to the event, in order to process paper work. If you miss it, you can still register at the door!

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December 2014
Glen HelenCADec 27-Dec 28AppleseedInformationRegister
January 2015
SacramentoCAJan 10-Jan 11AppleseedInformationRegister
PiruCAJan 17-Jan 18AppleseedInformationRegister
RainbowCAJan 24-Jan 25AppleseedInformationRegister
February 2015
FresnoCAFeb 14-Feb 15AppleseedInformationRegister
PiruCAFeb 14-Feb 15AppleseedInformationRegister
SacramentoCAFeb 14-Feb 15AppleseedInformationRegister
Castro ValleyCAFeb 21-Feb 22AppleseedInformationRegister
March 2015
MariposaCAMar 14-Mar 15AppleseedInformationRegister
PiruCAMar 14-Mar 15AppleseedInformationRegister
SacramentoCAMar 14-Mar 15AppleseedInformationRegister
April 2015
SacramentoCAApr 11-Apr 12AppleseedInformationRegister
PiruCAApr 18-Apr 19AppleseedInformationRegister
RainbowCAApr 18-Apr 19AppleseedInformationRegister
Glen HelenCAApr 25-Apr 26AppleseedInformationRegister
May 2015
FresnoCAMay 09-May 10AppleseedInformationRegister
MariposaCAMay 09-May 10AppleseedInformationRegister
SacramentoCAMay 09-May 10AppleseedInformationRegister
PiruCAMay 16-May 17AppleseedInformationRegister
Hat CreekCAMay 23-May 24AppleseedInformationRegister
PiruCAMay 23-May 24Instructor Boot CampInformationRegister
June 2015
SacramentoCAJun 13-Jun 14LadySeedInformationRegister
PiruCAJun 20-Jun 21AppleseedInformationRegister
Glen HelenCAJun 27-Jun 28AppleseedInformationRegister
Hat CreekCAJun 27-Jun 28AppleseedInformationRegister
July 2015
SacramentoCAJul 11-Jul 12AppleseedInformationRegister
PiruCAJul 18-Jul 19AppleseedInformationRegister
Hat CreekCAJul 25-Jul 26AppleseedInformationRegister
August 2015
MariposaCAAug 08-Aug 09AppleseedInformationRegister
SacramentoCAAug 08-Aug 09AppleseedInformationRegister
Castro ValleyCAAug 15-Aug 16AppleseedInformationRegister
PiruCAAug 15-Aug 16AppleseedInformationRegister
September 2015
SacramentoCASep 12-Sep 13AppleseedInformationRegister
PiruCASep 19-Sep 20AppleseedInformationRegister
Glen HelenCASep 26-Sep 27AppleseedInformationRegister
October 2015
FresnoCAOct 03-Oct 04AppleseedInformationRegister
MariposaCAOct 10-Oct 11AppleseedInformationRegister
PiruCAOct 10-Oct 11AppleseedInformationRegister
SacramentoCAOct 10-Oct 11AppleseedInformationRegister
Castro ValleyCAOct 17-Oct 18AppleseedInformationRegister
Hat CreekCAOct 31-Nov 01AppleseedInformationRegister
PiruCAOct 31-Nov 01AppleseedInformationRegister
November 2015
PiruCANov 07-Nov 08Instructor Boot CampInformationRegister
MariposaCANov 14-Nov 14Appleseed - KDInformationRegister
SacramentoCANov 14-Nov 15AppleseedInformationRegister
Glen HelenCANov 28-Nov 29AppleseedInformationRegister
December 2015
PiruCADec 12-Dec 13AppleseedInformationRegister
SacramentoCADec 12-Dec 13AppleseedInformationRegister
Castro ValleyCADec 19-Dec 20AppleseedInformationRegister

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