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The latest BIG news

08/31/2016 GET TRAINING: Why Firearm and Self Defense Training are worth it.

08/14/2016 The Price of Liberty - Good Morning America!

07/29/2016 Fresno Bee - Learn Marksmanship and History at Project Appleseed.

07/12/2016 Massad Ayoob talks about Appleseed.

05/29/2016 Appleseed - the meaning behind Memorial Day.

05/22/2016 Event - History and Guns.

04/28/2016 Project Appleseed Range Report Part 3: Saturday + Afterwards.

04/24/2016 Project Appleseed Range Report Part 2: Saturday.

04/13/2016 Project Appleseed Range Report Part 1: Preparation.

03/21/2016 Colorado middle school teaches students gun safety.

03/17/2016 Students shoot guns in CO school safety program.

03/17/2016 Guns come to CO middle school in the name of safety.

02/16/2016 Project Appleseed - Marksmanship Skills for Americans.

11/30/2015 Red Bluff, CA - My first Appleseed.

10/17/2015 Project Appleseed: Guns and History.

08/29/2015 Hitting the Mark: Appleseed Marksmanship Clinic.

08/20/2015 Hogfamily Adventures: North Bridge, Battle Road, Lexington Green.

08/19/2015 Appleseed partners with the CMP.

08/17/2015 Program teaches folks Revolutionary War history and marksmanship.

08/11/2015 Project Appleseed teaches rifle history and marksmanship skills.

07/19/2015 OneDayBurroSeed - My first (but not last) Appleseed.

06/28/2015 Project Appleseed Honors The Founders of the United States.

06/24/2015 Camp blends marksmanship with American history.

06/21/2015 Waco Texas After Action Report.

05/05/2015 Appleseed Shoot held at Hot Springs Shooting Complex.

04/27/2015 Michael Bane - Appleseed AAR.

04/20/2015 Project Appleseed turns back clock to Revolutionary War era.

04/17/2015 Appleseed at the NRA Convention.

01/21/2015 Appleseed weekend - whats your take?

01/17/2015 January 2015 After Action Report.

11/15/2014 My experience at Appleseed: Day 1.

11/13/2014 Lucky Gunner - Project Appleseed Long Range Event.

11/01/2014 It was cold. It was a Winterseed in Alaska.

09/13/2014 My Appleseed Experience, Rising Fawn, GA Sep 13-14.

09/06/2014 Not My Victrola: Mamas and Papas.

09/04/2014 Farmer City Press - Project Appleseed to teach history.

09/02/2014 Effingham - Eye on the Revolutionary War.

08/27/2014 Talkeetna Appleseed - Marksmanship and History.

08/10/2014 Project Appleseed is a worthwhile endeavor for all of us.

07/27/2014 Project Appleseed teaches marksmanship, keeps patriotic fire burning.

07/01/2014 Tok, Alaska - Appleseed AAR.

06/22/2014 Talkeetna, Alaska Appleseed.

06/12/2014 I discovered 1775 quite by accident.

06/05/2014 Wears Valley Ranch: History, Patriotism, and Marksmanship.

05/22/2014 Project Appleseed: my thoughts, experience, and review.

05/14/2014 Now online - Shooting Gallery's Project Appleseed Show.

05/13/2014 Ryan's Range Report - attends Appleseed.

04/21/2014 The most important day in our country's history.

04/19/2014 Appleseed Takes Aim to Preserve American History.

04/07/2014 Program plants seed of responsibility.

04/07/2014 Marlin 795 - Appleseed Liberty Training Rifle.

03/28/2014 JPFO - Middle School Students Learn Gun Safety, Marksmanship, and Liberty.

03/20/2014 A Pueblo County, Colorado public school goes to an Appleseed.

03/19/2014 Students learn about firearms safety at an Appleseed.

03/06/2014 Lucky Gunner - Three Lessons Learned from Project Appleseed.

03/03/2014 Wheelgun - My Appleseed Experience.

03/03/2014 Lucky Gunner - Rifle Marksmanship with Appleseed.

02/23/2014 Kyle Defoor talks prone - recommends Appleseed.

02/13/2014 Appleseed Instructor wins 10/22 design contest.

02/09/2014 Shooting for History at an Appleseed.

12/06/2013 A Conversation with a TEOTWAWKI Survivor.

11/29/2013 Alejandra Montez earns Rifleman patch at San Antonio Appleseed.

11/27/2013 The Editor of Waffenkultur (German) goes to a Texas Appleseed.

11/02/2013 The Bucket Woman - Keep your booger hook off the bang switch.

10/21/2013 The Hog Family's October Adventure.

10/01/2013 Appleseed instructor Bob Owen named as editor of Bearing Arms.

09/24/2013 Project Appleseed tries to find middle ground.

09/17/2013 Project Appleseed - True American Heroes.

09/16/2013 Follow up post - Appleseed.

09/03/2013 Brian Rodela - Thank you.

07/10/2013 ThruMyLens - Project Appleseed.

06/18/2013 BrotherBill - My Saturday AAR.

06/11/2013 The Hog Family's Appleseed Adventure.

05/29/2013 42769vette's Appleseed AAR.

04/22/2013 Billlls Idle Mind - I'm Back.

04/22/2013 Some thoughts on History, Heritage and Freedom.

04/18/2013 Dr. Schierling - The first blow for Liberty.

04/14/2013 Learn about History and Marksmanship at Appleseed.

03/27/2013 Cute Name - Serious Riflery.

03/22/2013 Project Appleseed gets ready to roll strong again this season.

03/09/2013 Bob Owens - Inside Appleseed.

02/09/2013 A handgunner learns the art of the Rifle.

02/09/2013 Silicon Graybeard has a lazy Saturday.

01/31/2013 Massad Ayoob - Backwoods Home hosts an Appleseed.

01/19/2013 The So-Called Assault Weapons on My Rifle Range.

01/01/2013 Of Tyrants and Dangerous Old Men.

01/01/2013 Ragamuffin: Former Cook.

12/04/2012 Legacy Podcast's Evaluation of Project Appleseed.

12/01/2012 High Sierra Gear Junkies: Day 1

11/29/2012 Art of the Rifle: Constructive Criticism.

11/20/2012 Down Range Radio introduces Project Appleseed.

11/16/2012 Buckeye Firearms - A Review.

11/12/2012 Jacqueline Scott, an Appleseed Instructor.

10/23/2012 An Appleseed shoot at Harvard.

10/22/2012 First Appleseed, some thoughts.

10/19/2012 Linoge goes to a Tennessee Appleseed.

10/16/2012 Lead fills the air at Cedar Hills.

10/09/2012 Heather says You are not to inexperienced for Appleseed.

10/09/2012 Oddball's Appleseed AAR.

10/06/2012 Tony attends an Appleseed at New Smyrna, FL.

10/02/2012 Savvy Survivalist - My Appleseed Experience.

09/01/2012 Backwoods Home Magazine with Massad Ayoob (scroll down a bit).

08/28/2012 Audio: The Youth of Appleseed.

08/19/2012 Eyes on the target: The Ladies of Appleseed.

08/12/2012 Shooters Quest - Things I wish I knew.

08/12/2012 Shooters Quest - I am the 2%.

08/07/2012 Massad Ayoob: A MOST RESTORATIVE APPLESEED.

08/07/2012 Massad Ayoob: A MOST RESTORATIVE APPLESEED.

08/07/2012 Earned My Patch! Appleseed Shoot AAR.

07/10/2012 Sometimes It Gets Blurrier on the Path to Focus.

06/21/2012 HotBrass Magazine (PDF - See Page 8) - Project Appleseed.

06/15/2012 Truth About Guns: Appleseed - Day Two.

06/15/2012 Truth About Guns: Appleseed - Day One.

06/11/2012 Teaching the importance of Heritage.

06/10/2012 Survival Blog - Marksmanship Basics and Beyond.

05/31/2012 First Appleseed by Katherine Page.

05/21/2012 Shooters aim to improve their skills.

05/21/2012 Unique Blend of Civics and Marksmanship.

05/07/2012 Gary, Melanie, and Mischa attend a Texas Appleseed.

04/28/2012 Seeds of History: Part 1, Part 2 - Courtesy of The Saturday Independent

04/25/2012 NRA Convention. Appleseed at 10:22 on video.

04/24/2012 Bow Owens takes an Orange Hat.

04/23/2012 Made Rifleman on the first try.

04/19/2012 Lest We Forget - Lest We Forget.

04/18/2012 Kitty Richards - Planting Seeds.

04/16/2012 Appleseed, two days of well spent time.

04/02/2012 Que: Why haven't you attended an Appleseed?

03/30/2012 The Appleseed Project: History, Character, and Rifles.

03/29/2012 A date to remember.

03/28/2012 Knitebane: Are you a cook or a Rifleman?

03/26/2012 AAR Report - The Appleseed Project.

03/26/2012 Meet the new Rifleman: Bob Owens.

03/26/2012 Heather goes to an Appleseed.

03/25/2012 Appleseed is well worth the effort.

03/24/2012 Report: My first Appleseed.

03/22/2012 At Appleseed: Keeping the tradition.

03/18/2012 Appleseed AAR: All I can say is I highly recommend it.

03/08/2012 Western Rose: Generation HC Member.

02/21/2012 More about the Ladies.

02/20/2012 Fox News in Texas: Project Appleseed preserves history.

02/11/2012 LadySeed: An Appleseed just for Ladies.

01/30/2012 Revolutionary endeavor: Jonathan Bartlett teaches Project Appleseed

01/12/2012 Cindy earns a Riflemans Patch.

12/26/2011 Pete Eyre finally made it to an Appleseed.

12/03/2011 Massad Ayoob Returns to Appleseed.

11/17/2011 Jim Rawles: Tight budget, good training, just one word: Appleseed.

11/15/2011 Jaeger goes on an Appleseed Road Trip.

11/15/2011 Indiana Gun Owners After Action Report.

10/18/2011 Old Lightening does an Appleseed Shoot Analysis.

10/11/2011 Downrange: Appleseed and being a Rifleman.

10/01/2011 Dave goes to a Rochester shoot.

09/28/2011 The Womans Hunter Organization captures the spirit of Appleseed.

09/25/2011 Appleseed attends the Gun Rights Policy Conference.

09/25/2011 Basic Marksmanship. It is that basic?

09/20/2011 Family Survival Podcast describes an Appleseed Event. (Audio)

09/18/2011 Sports Talk for Kids - Appleseed is for all ages.

09/17/2011 The El Paso Times visits an Appleseed shoot.

09/01/2011 A report on Appleseed from preparations to an After Action Report.

08/25/2011 My first Appleseed experience.

08/17/2011 Johnny Appleseed Takes Manhattan.

08/10/2011 Shooting School Review: The Appleseed Project

08/10/2011 The M14Forum prepares for an Appleseed.

07/31/2001 The Wisconsin Appleseed crew created a video of a shoot.

06/21/2011 Aware and Prepared describes the Saturday portion of an Appleseed.

06/19/2011 Sue talks about The Divas, our Women in Appleseed.

05/26/2011 Jamie Franks, Navy Rescue Swimmer, blogs about Appleseed.

05/03/2011 Terry McClure was intrigued by the concept of Appleseed.

04/28/2011 Coeur d'Alene Press states that "rifles barked like a strand of firecrackers".

04/19/2011 Penny was able to greatly improve her rifle marksmanship skills.

04/19/2011 NC Gunowners says Project Appleseed comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

04/19/2011 Denny Smith of WIBC talks to the Appleseed Project.

04/03/2011 The Cheshire Herald: Marksman's Interest Enhanced By American History.

03/02/2011 finds that "Appleseed teaches heritage, marksmanship."

02/08/2011 Appleseeder Jamie Franks represents Navy on Top Shot.

01/11/2011 Firearms Talk asks "What is this thing called Appleseed?"

11/18/2010 The Temple Daily Telegraph visits Davilla, Texas.

10/21/2010 WFAA Dallas/Fort Worth: Appleseed Project turning Americans into marksmen.

09/26/2010 The Examiner: Appleseed comes to Calverton and reminds us of our Revolutionary roots.

09/22/2010 The Tuscaloosa, Alabama News says there is an Appleseed Shoot Coming Up.

09/20/2010 The Cedar Country Repubican attends an All Women Appleseed Shoot.

09/12/2010 Agency Press France covers the Appleseed 300 Shoot.

09/05/2010 The Greensboro, NC News-Record reports that Appleseed focuses on Marksmanship and American History.

09/04/2010 The West Virginia Gazette-Mail goes to an Appleseed and finds out that a Target shoot plants the seeds of civic duty.

08/30/2010 Fox and Friends interview the Project Appleseed.

08/20/2010 Appleseed teaches History and Marksmanship to the soldiers at Fort Drum.

08/18/2010 Fox News presents a video about an Appleseed Shoot.

08/18/2010 Fox News runs an article about Appleseed called Teaching History with Guns.

07/29/2010 Appleseed responds to the New York Times article. See our rebuttal.

07/29/2010 The New York Times does a hit piece on Project Appleseed

07/14/2010 Fred talks about Appleseed on the July 14th Derry Brownfield Show.

07/14/2010 Meanstreaker discusses Appleseed on the Shooting from the Hip Radio Show.

06/11/2010 Listen to Fred on the Derry Brownfield Show.

05/15/2010 Massad Ayoob takes another look at Appleseed.

05/15/2010 Guns Magazine looks at the Appleseed Ruger 10/22.

04/01/2010 Appleseed trains the soldiers of the 2nd Engineer Battalion.

04/01/2010 Woodmore student teaches others marksmanship.

02/12/2010 The Appleseed Project is gaining momentum training a new generation of riflemen.

02/06/2010 Massad Ayoob recommends a rifle for Appleseed.

02/01/2010 Massad Ayoob goes to an Appleseed.

01/02/2010 It's Official! Women shoot Free at Appleseeds for all of 2010. Women are a vital part of the Appleseed Program. As it's been said before "The hand the rocks the cradle, rules the world" There has always been great women in every major event in our history. Appleseed can't make a difference without you. See what other women are saying about Appleseed.

12/11/2009 News Years Resolution - Attend an Appleseed.

12/10/2009 Giving Thanks at an Appleseed.

12/3/2009 Fort Stewart, GA - It was an Honor and Privilege to serve with the soldiers.

11/29/2009 Chicks on the Right! They said "It was really fun, you guys."

8/30/2009 The Shelby County, Alabama, Sheriffs Deparment goes to an Appleseed. What did they think about it? And did they get any Riflemen out of it? Read all about it.

7/29/2009 The American Trigger Sports Network interviews Bob Zio.

5/5/2009 The Red County said "Not just because it was fun to truly learn how to shoot, but because Appleseed is a culture that seeks to awaken minds and uses marksmanship and history as the tools."

4/1/2009 Stinson WV Appleseed for July 4-5 has been postponed.

4/1/2009 April 19th Appleseeds already sold out! And many are are very very close. Demand is so great that where possible, we are opening new firing lines to handle all the enthusiastic new Appleseeders. So check back even if events are sold out or check with the State Coordinator for possible openings. Don't wait until it's too late to sign-up!

3/5/2009 Appleseed announces the opening of the Appleseed Store

12/5/2008 William Buppert takes the wife and kids to an Appleseed Shoot.

2/1/2008 Stewart Rhodes - "Turning America Back Into A Nation of Riflemen."

10/25/2007 Appleseed Comes to Phoenix.

4/3/2007 Mike Kensey asks 'Are You a Rifleman or a Cook?'

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