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   A Ladyseed is an Appleseed designed specifically for ladies. The women who attend a Ladyseed event will learn much more than how to fire a rifle, they will also learn American heritage and the history of how women actively aided in the fight on April 19, 1775. Many ladies walk away from an Appleseed event with a renewed sense of their country and of themselves. For many women a rifle range is unfamilar territory and can seem daunting, but the instruction at a Ladyseed event creates a comfortable learning environment. Whether you've never fired a rifle before or you're already a competitive shooter, most women walk away glad that they attended and ready to sign up for the next Appleseed event!

History is made by Women.

  Those with strength, skill, and courage who chose a better future for themselves and their descendants. The Appleseed Project awakens their past to share their stories in order to bring about our better future. Two days filled with women's heritage, rifle instruction, and friendship await you!  

This is your heritage...

The core of The Appleseed Project is heritage. The Appleseed Program is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the teaching of American heritage, history, and traditional marksmanship skills. Our instructor teams travel the country educating everyone about the difficult choices and heroic actions that our great founders made on behalf of us, their "posterity".

Our heritage program brings the first two days of the Revolutionary War vividly into the modern day with the kind of care and immediacy that is absent from schooling today.

Appleseed is dedicated to bringing that day, those persons, and their stories to each and every American. They have much to teach us, and we have much to learn from them. These are our stories and in them is our hope for the future.

...this is your rifle...

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The way that we bring this history to life is through marksmanship instruction. Our rigorous two day program teaches all of the American marksmanship skills which were once common knowledge. Sling use, steps to firing the shot, body positions and control are all covered. Each skill is a part of the puzzle that when put together create success.

Shooters of all skill levels are successful with our program. Often it is the new woman shooter that outclasses the macho know it all! Women teaching women. Women sharing with women. The all women shoot provides an even greater opportunity for that success.

While Appleseed tries to staff each Ladyseed with only lady instructors that is not always possible at some locations. Occasionally we will have male instructors if we are unable to obtain enough lady instructors. We do strive however to staff our Ladyseed events with only lady instructors.

All who come, learn. So will you.

...and these are your friends.
lady3The final success of the program is made in friendships and futures. New friends await you in history and even more friends are awaiting you around the campfire after the instruction ends.

No one who comes to an Appleseed leaves the same. The skills, heritage, and friendships are all inspirational and life changing.


Ladyseed Events Scheduled

 City   State   Start Date   Information   Register 
May 2015
CharlottesvilleVAMay 02-May 03InformationRegister
ToccoaGAMay 02-May 02InformationRegister
Lexington ParkMDMay 16-May 16InformationRegister
SuamicoWIMay 16-May 17InformationRegister
ChugiakAKMay 23-May 24InformationRegister
June 2015
BowieMDJun 06-Jun 07InformationRegister
SacramentoCAJun 13-Jun 14InformationRegister
AnnapolisMDJun 20-Jun 21InformationRegister
Beaver FallsPAJun 20-Jun 21InformationRegister
July 2015
RamahCOJul 18-Jul 19InformationRegister
August 2015
CarsonNMAug 08-Aug 09InformationRegister
September 2015
River FallsWISep 12-Sep 13InformationRegister
October 2015
FredericksburgTXOct 03-Oct 04InformationRegister
AudubonPAOct 17-Oct 18InformationRegister


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