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KD (Known Distance) Appleseeds

Most AS KD events require prior Appleseed attendance. Please check to see if the one you want to attend requires that.

kd 1A “Known Distance Appleseed” is where you will be shooting at 100, 200, 300, 400 and out to 600 yards, if/as the facilities allow. Since this requires previous exposure to the skills taught at an Appleseed only students who have attended at least one Appleseed can attend a “KD Appleseed“.

Depending on the facility, you may be shooting at steel targets, full-size AQT silhouettes, or even (on the Home Range in Ramseur), military pop-up targets!

KD or long-range is where you find the measure of the success of AS instruction at 25M, as you are told to “keep your 25M zero” - and sight picture! - for the initial zeroing group at 200 or 300 yards - just to prove to you that when we say “a 25m zero is a good 200 yard zero [ for most center-fire rifles] or 300 yard zero [for AR-15 style rifles and rifles with scopes]”, it really works!

You’ll also find another thing we tell you is true: “What you do at 25 is what you’ll do, at 200, or 300, or 500 yards”. Good shooting at 25m translates to 4 MOA groups at any distance, and those groups will be where you want them, provided you follow “the Rifleman’s Trajectory” and allow for wind.

kd 2It’s very possible that you will dip your toe into this at a standard AS, when there are long-range facilities available. Your Shoot Boss may be able to arrange an hour or more of LR/KD late Sunday afternoon, so you’ll want to bring your center fire and 15-20 rounds of ammo so you can zero at distances you never considered, before your AS. Unfortunately, the number of facilities at 200 and beyond are pretty limited, for the most part - hence the “KD Appleseed”, always conducted at a facility which allows you to explore the fundamentals of long-range rifle shooting.

Shooting at “Rifleman distances” is a confidence-builder which you want to seize whenever you have the opportunity!

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