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How Our Instructors Are Made

RWVA sets the standard when it comes to training rifle marksmanship instructors, as Project Appleseed has one of the most rigorous training programs in the world.

To become eligible to join the ranks of our instructors, a shooter must first attend at least two Appleseeds and demonstrate on multiple occassions that he or she can shoot -- from three positions -- 210 or better out of 250 points on the AQT. If The shootboss thinks the candidate has the character and skill sets to become an RWVA instructor, he can offer the shooter the orange hat of an Instructor In Training. Then comes the hard part.

He (or she) embarks on "the Appleseed Trail", where he must:

  • Pass a series of five tests that cover both written, oral and practical demonstrations of skills.
  • Study online training materials and the RWVA Instructor Manual, as well as understudy other instructors at a minimum of five Appleseeds, and typically seven or eight.
  • Perform selected teaching duties under the supervision of a Full Instructor including telling the three-part history of April 19th, 1775.
  • Master Appleseed's safety protocols including running a safe line.
  • Demonstrate an exact knowledge of Appleseed's instructional method, including the proper positions, steady hold factors, natural point of aim, rifleman's cadence, and the six steps of firing a shot.

It's a tough process - but it makes for extremely competent instructors.


  • 30+ hours of initial training
  • 140+ hours of hands-on experience under supervision.
  • Continuing education teaching dozens of students over the subsequent 12 months; initially under the careful supervision of an experienced instructor, and finally, once he's proven that he or she can do the job, on his own.

You can bet an RWVA instructor has a lot of miles of experience under his belt, even before he earns the coveted "Red Hat" of a Full Instructor. The tremendous amount of "hands-on" training every RWVA instructor receives makes for an excellence that's hard to find in other programs.

To win that coveted red hat, every RWVA instructor must meet rigorous standards of knowledge, skill and character, that guarantee that they can teach you the secrets of shooting.

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