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How to Host an Appleseed

The required range is 25 meters/82 feet. The entire Appleseed course can be conducted at this range, at reduced sized targets, to simulate 100 to 400 yards. If longer ranges are available, that is a bonus and may allow some actual distance shooting experience.

The firing line needs to be long enough to allow for 10 or more shooters, with 4 feet of firing line space per shooter. Smaller size ranges may also work, depending on location, Instructor availability and the number of Appleseed Shoots we can hold at that location during the year.

We need a safe back stop. This can be a man made berm or a natural back stop, like a hill or cut out. We also need restroom facilities, porta-potties are fine and if they aren't present RWVA will pay to rent them.

The Revolutionary War Veterans Association (RWVA) will provide the following for the event:

  • The proven Appleseed Course
  • RWVA Certified Instructors
  • Targets and Course Materials
  • National/Regional Promotions
  • our own liability insurance

What we ask of our Hosts:

  • A safe facility, with adequate parking and restroom facilities.
  • Volunteer help in setting up simple target backers and obtaining cardboard from a local supplier, usually free of charge.
  • Some help with local promotions, RWVA will provide a master flyer that can be copied and distributed to local businesses and community centers.

First download our Host Application:

Host App - PDF
Host App - ODT (Open/Libre Office)
Host App - TXT (Plain Text)

Then fill it out and email it back to us.

Once that is done an Appleseed Instructor in your area will contact you. The Host Application gives us the information that we need to set up the Appleseed Shoot on our schedules and to promote your event.

If the email link doesn't work that is because your browser is not setup to open an email program. In that case just email us at using your email software.

If you have any questions about this process or want to e-mail your host application, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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