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Boot Camp Frequently Asked Questions

How much ammo will I need to bring?

We recommend that you bring 1500 rounds with you to boot camp. In order to keep costs down, we would recommend that you bring a .22lr rifle with you as your main instruction rifle. You can purchase a good Ruger 10/22 for what you would save in centerfire ammo costs alone. Bring at least 2 bricks of .22 and about 200+ rounds for your centerfire. Of course if you piled it deep when it was cheap, feel free to shoot the whole week with your centerfire.

Why is it important to have a Battle Sight Zeroed rifle?

It is not terribly important to bring a zeroed rifle, or to know your zero, or to have it "battle sight zeroed." We start Boot Camp, like Appleseeds, with the basics — and the first basic is zeroing.

So, it may be a good idea to bring your rifle zeroed for 25 meters. But if you don't, it won't really hurt anything. The first day is primarily zeroing your rifle as you learn the basics of firing a shot. A spare rifle is highly recommended "just in case."

How about food? Do we need to bring stuff to eat for lunch, etc.?
Yes, you are responsible for providing your own food.

What's a good list of spare parts to bring?

Bring whatever is liable to break. Generally speaking, the following items should be on everyone's list of "spares.":

  • a spare firing pin
  • extractor
  • ejector with springs
  • a spare trigger pin (for Garands and M1As)
  • whatever tools are required to replace the spare parts you buy
  • a "gunsmith" type screwdriver set
  • a punch set
  • a soft faced hammer and a small "hard" hammer

The bolt can be disassembled with the combination tool (the post is here on this site). Get a tear down manual and get to know your rifle. And the nice thing is, if you don't have this stuff, the guy shooting right next to you probably brought it.

Will there be a kitchen or grill where we can cook food?

Don’t count on it. You should bring whatever is necessary to prepare your food.

And how's about personal items?

  • water bottle
  • sunscreen
  • brimmed hat
  • spare pair of glasses
  • shooting pad
  • many magazines
  • cleaning kit
  • knee pads/elbow pads
  • comfortable brimmed hat
  • sling
  • spare sling
  • the field maintenance kit that goes with your rifle
  • shooting jacket
  • canteen (preferably two of them, plus a cup, a stove, trioxane bars and covers for them)
  • spare socks

See the what to bring page for more info. The important items on the list to bring are:

  • ear plugs AND ear muffs
  • elbow protection (which can be a soft towel folded up)
  • sunscreen/rain gear

Depending on time of year, bug spray can be priceless, and heavy cold-weather gear an absolute necessity. It is easier to take off too much clothing rather than slowly sink into hypothermia. BCs are not usually scheduled for cold weather (except in Ramseur, in February), but at any time other than summer, it's better to be prepared.

What are the hours of instruction?

Instruction starts at 8:30 a.m., and goes on till dark. However, there is a great deal to learn from camping out and listening to the stories around the campfire

Are there any food joints nearby?

That will depend on the boot camp you attend. Most of this information should be included on the event announcements posted for each event on the forum.

Are there any motels nearby?

That will also depend on the boot camp you attend. Most of this information should be included on the event announcements posted for each event on the forum.

Camping available? If so, is there a fee?

In most cases yes, and it’s generally FREE! Most of the time it's right on the range! It's pretty primitive, but will get the job done. Check your event listing for more details.

Camping: Are fires allowed?

In most cases yes, but you should check on your particular boot camp for more information about what’s allowed.

Is potable water available onsite?

Again that depends on the location. However, even when drinkable well water is available, many people like to bring their own because they don’t like the taste.

Is electricity available at the range?
You shouldn't count on it being available.

What are the bathroom facilities like?

In most cases they are port-a-john’s.

Is cellular service available?

Depends on the location of your boot camp.

Can I attend for part of the week? If so, is the full amount charged?

Good question. Yes, with the permission of RWVA, you can make arrangements to arrive later than the first day. In that case, the fee will be pro-rated. Be prepared to do a rapid "catch-up," so you'll need to come with the proper mental frame to hit the ground running.

When can I arrive and set up camp?
Usually the afternoon before the first day of Boot Camp.

Do you teach rifle maintenance at BC?

We teach proper rifle cleaning and lubrication, and trouble-shooting as needed.

How about nearby lodging, and average price per night?

That would depend on the location you are going to. Check the Internet for prices and availability.

Other facilities available (AC power, refrigerator, running water, etc)?

Depends on your location.

Proximity of grocery stores or retail stores? Quick dash or long trek?

Depends on location.

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