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April 19, 2010 Appleseed Coast-to-Coast "April 19th" Events

On the weekend of April 17-18, 2010 RWVA Volunteers Have Organized Over 100 Nationwide Coast-to-Coast "April 19th" Appleseed Events.

Volunteers have begged, cajoled and worked to provide over 100 ranges with room for nearly five thousand Americans to gather and celebrate their Heritage and History, three and a half miles of firing line combined so that they can study and share the traditions of Rifle Marksmanship to remember, and honor the men and women who birthed a nation on April 19, 1775. On this weekend, we can meet on the rolling plains of Oklahoma. We can meet in the arid expanses of New Mexico. We can meet under the shade of palm trees in Florida and California - and in the shadow of the Rockies.

We can meet throughout our great land, from coast-to-coast to learn the American tradition of rifle marksmanship and hear the Story of April 19th, 1775 - the one you never heard in school, the historically-true one.

We can do all this because of what they did for us.

But we will only be able to do it if YOU turn up.

And you are in for a treat. A reawakening of something you might not know you had. A kinship, a spirit, a new feeling - not only about your fellow Americans, not only about your past, your history, your heritage - but about the future.

Appleseed, it's been said, is about HOPE.

In this cruel, heartless, storm-tossed world heading for a future dark with ominous prospects, there is hope. Appleseed.

Over a hundred locations... Will you be there?

More importantly, will your children be there?

Will your best friend stand beside you… participating in the single largest nationwide coast-to-coast Heritage event our nation has ever seen?

Will you stand with your fellow Americans in over 40 states around this great nation and dedicate yourself to restoring our nation’s Heritage and passing it on to future generations?

Will you join your fellow Americans in remembering and passing on the gift they gave us?

As a nation, we no longer remember how and why our country was founded. Some would say America began on the day our Declaration of Independence was signed. Some would say America began on the day our Constitution was ratified. Those who have attended an Appleseed Project event know free America was born on April 19, 1775. Born because of the efforts of a bunch of Americans much like us. On April 17 and 18 we'll honor the brave men and women who grabbed a musket, left their hearths, fields, and families, and stood fearfully and proudly in the path of the mightiest military the world had ever known - the British Regulars.

On that day, British colonists became Americans for the first time. On that day a nation was born.

Project Appleseed

13 Colonies.
One Nation.
One People.
One Day...

On April 17/18 we'll honor their sacrifices by remembering why they chose to stand when and where they did, what they risked, and the prices they each paid for us - their progeny. If you already know of the heroism of Paul Revere, Captain John Parker, and Captain Isaac Davis bring a cousin, neighbor, co-worker or friend who needs to hear about April 19th. Bring them with you to this event.

As a nation, we need to remember the importance of the American tradition of rifle marksmanship and its fundamental contribution to our freedom. We forget how this American traditional skill was critical to our success on that first day of our fight for liberty. Our rifle-owning forefathers continually practiced with friends and family until capable of hitting a small water bucket at 250 paces. With a flintlock. With antique sights. More importantly, they passed those skills on to their children. Are you able to at least match your great (x5) grandfather with modern equipment? Can you consistently hit targets out to 500 yards with nothing but a rack grade rifle and sling? "Do you have a spouse, grandson, or co-worker might appreciate this program?" Bring them with you to this Appleseed event. Help pass this tradition on to a new generation.

To remember is to honor.
To experience is to live history.
To awaken into our past is to step into our future.

Please join us on April 17-18 at one of our "April 19th, 1775" Appleseeds. To remember. To honor. To learn.

There are only -2472 days to go to this weekend and so far we have enough Americans to fill only 1 mile of that combined three and a half mile firing line. Can it be that there are not enough Americans to fill it. Or are we just failing to spread the message to them effectively. Help us to spread that message. Please bring yourself, your family, your friends, neighbors and coworkers to an April 19th Appleseed Event near you. Find a location near you below. There are almost 100 Appleseed shoots to choose from..

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