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Appleseed Anchor Ranges

These are some of Appleseeds biggest supporters. Many of these ranges have 500 yard firing lines or other unqiue features that make them stand out.

Ramseur, North Carolina - Appleseed Home Range

The Appleseed Home Range, home of Fred, the founder of Appleseed. Yes, this is the same Fred that has been doing articles for ShotGun News for more years than I can remember. Ramseur is a premeire range which is both beautiful and challenging.


Tallahassee, Florida - Issac Davis Memorial Range

The Isaac Davis Memorial Range was carved out of the Florida jungle. A recent visitor to the range started calling it the Isaac Davis Memorial Gardens. Appleseed participants impressed with the transformation have even asked to come back and camp on the range.


Annapolis, Maryland - Anne Arundel Fish and Game

AAF&G has been a part of the Annapolis community since 1935 and has been located in the Saint Margarets area since 1939. They have provided grounds and ranges, membership, and community relationships by providing facilities, education, and training.


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