Where Will You Be on September 11th 2010?
Those of us at Project Appleseed already know where we'll be.
We will be making history at the Appleseed 300!

The Appleseed 300 will be the largest two-day Appleseed event ever. Bringing together three hundred students and over sixty instructors, we will crush a number of current Appleseed records including: most attendees at a single event, longest contiguous firing line, and most rounds fired in a single volley!

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"But Why Should YOU Be There?"

Record setting is great - great to do, great to be a part of - but it's what you can get out of the Appleseed 300 that will drive your decision to attend. Marksmanship skills? Great! Knowledge of your heritage as an American? Even better!

At a time when dark clouds seem to be rapidly building Appleseed will bring you renewed HOPE about the future of this country. And because of that, you'll want to bring everyone you know to experience this Appleseed. Friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, relatives - persuade them all to come with you.

It's even a great experience for kids. Parents have told us that a weekend of learning marksmanship and heritage has had a very positive impact on their family as children learn that by paying close attention to what they're taught they can become successful marksmen. Being taught safety around firearms can be a real injection of maturity into young minds, an important part of their 'growing up'!

So, come be a part of this record event, but don't come just for that. Come and find out what Appleseed can do for your rifle marksmanship, your family, and your faith in America.

Anticipating the Appleseed Experience

At this record-breaking Appleseed event you will learn how to take accurate shots using nothing but your rifle and a sling – no benches, bipods, or rests. You will learn the Steady Hold Factors for prone, seated/kneeling, and standing/offhand positions. You will discover marksmanship “secrets” such as The Six Steps to Firing the Shot, the Rifleman’s Cadence, Natural Point of Aim, and how to zero your rifle efficiently.. You will acquire the skills necessary to shoot out to 500 yards, a distance traditionally known as "The Rifleman's Quarter-Mile." You'll even learn to dance - the Rifleman's Dance!

Reliving Our Heritage

In addition to outstanding marksmanship instruction, our instructors will teach the historical significance of the American Rifleman, starting with the beginning of the War for Independence. As our nation’s history is recounted, you will find yourself transported back in time 234 years to witness the first shots on Lexington Green and hear the resounding clash of arms as British Regulars were forced from the North Bridge in Concord. You will hear the stories and personal sacrifices of those who are in danger of becoming all but forgotten footnotes in history. Sadly, the true story of the birth of our nation is slowly fading, becoming infused with myth. We intend to reverse this trend by retelling the unadulterated facts. The actions of our founding generation need no embellishment.

Will you help us, by attending this very special Appleseed event?

We're planning a special tribute to honor those who gave their lives for Liberty. Among other experiences, everyone at the Appleseed 300 will participate in a special volley fire event. You'll find yourself standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other Americans - men, women, and children - who share your love of liberty and rifles. Imagine what it will be like to hear three hundred rifles all fired at once, and all in honor of those heroes that fell on April 19th, 1775! And don't miss the opportunity to fire one of them.

And Here’s the Bonus!

As if taking part in this historic event wasn't enough, concessions and Appleseed gear will be available on-site. Various prizes will be awarded throughout the event and a special award will be given to the person who travels the farthest to attend. Our premiere gift will be a brand new Marlin Model 795 .22lr semiautomatic rifle, fully outfitted as a complete Liberty Training Rifle package. It's perfect for practicing your skills as a Rifleman, and even better suited to teaching others!

Outstanding Value For Everyone

With the economy in mind we are making it easy to attend by offering the Appleseed 300 free of charge to almost everybody. Just who can attend this event for free? Well, for starters, women, children, and active duty military. (including reserves and National Guard)

We are also offering this class FREE to ANYONE who has ever attended an Appleseed event. Just register online with the special code WM 300 AND bring proof of attendance at any earlier shoot to the registration table at the Aurora Sportsmen's Club. What counts as proof? An Eventbrite ticket receipt, a canceled check, or a scored AQT (Army Qualification Test) will all get you admitted to this event free of charge.

Those who do not qualify to attend this event for free will pay only $70 for the entire two-day class! And will recieve a certificate to attend their next Appleseed FREE!

Come help us ensure the great American tradition of rifle marksmanship and our colonial history is not lost for future generations.

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Will you stand and be counted among the Appleseed 300?

Appleseed 300
September 11th-12th, 2010
Aurora Sportmen's Club
Waterman, IL

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Why Come?
What to Bring & How to Prepare

For More Information Contact:

Illinois State Coordinator
(630) 525-5654

Bill Essling
(630) 292-6452


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